Sunday, May 11, 2008

Liberal Jews Will Never Learn

By Andrew G. Benjamin

Liberal Jews (meaning most Jews) will never learn from past mistakes or from their own delusions. Even if evidence slapped them in the face.
They might remember Andy Young's meeting with Arafat's people at the UN in the 70's. Jimmy Carter disowned any part in that illegal meeting. Today, Jimmy-Boy's own actions meeting with Hamas, 30 years later, belie his past denials in the Young affair; and his true sentiments as an ex-President for Sale for the Arab Lobby. (Proof below.)

Isn't it ironic how the libs disingenuously and cavalierly charge George Bush with having had too-close ties to the Saudis, while are either ignorant or forgiving of Carter's true lies after The Carter Center having had received tens of millions from Arabs? For which, BTW, 14 directors of the Center quit!

History repeats itself, but maybe not exactly the same way. And our liberal Jews will never learn who their true friends are as they make common cause with the very people who are planning to hurt them. -- AGB


May 10, 2008 -- Barack Obama has dumped one of his advisers for meeting with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, according to published reports.

Robert Malley, who acted as an informal adviser to Obama on Mideast policy, told the Times of London that he was in regular contact with the militant group as part of his work for the International Crisis Group think tank.


For background:

"Journalist Jacob Laksin has documented the tens of millions of dollars that the Carter Center has accepted from Saudi Arabian royalty and assorted other Middle Eastern sultans, who, in return, Carter dutifully praised as peaceful and tolerant (no matter how despotic the regime). And these are only the confirmed, public donations. ..."

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