Monday, April 28, 2008

Jimmy Carter's Recent Trip to Meet Hamas Leaders

By Andrew G. Benjamin

Who remembers this story? It will clarify the context of former president Jimmy Carter's recent trip to meet Hamas leaders - a Playboy interview from September 1988 with Yasser Arafat! Note the following:

1. Andrew Young, Jimmy Carter's UN ambassador, had a secret meeting with the PLO representative AT the United Nations; the PLO at the time had no internationally recognized status. Young's illegal secret dealings - the contents of which we still do not know to this day -- hit the papers because it was against the law for American diplomats as well as American citizens to have direct contact with terrorist organizations, Young had to resign. Carter disavowed any knowledge about the affair. America had a long-standing bi-partisan policy about such contacts and guidelines on diplomatic relations that Young violated, and Carter, according to his pretensions, did not. His recent actions belie his former assertions.

Remember that just a day or so ago Jimmy Carter, against long-standing bi-partisan US policy on diplomatic procedure AND LAW, has met with Hamas leaders who are recognized terrorists, as well as disregarded the legal status: Hamas is considered by every European nation as a major terrorist organization.

2.. Arafat admitted to having had a role in the release of US hostages from Tehran right after Jimmy Carter lost by a landslide to Ronald Reagan, when Reagan said into the cameras, "Let my people go!" And they did IN MINUTES! Jimmy Carter sat impotent in the Oval Office for 444 days, a year and a half, while Khomeini's thugs (and now we find some were Palestinian Arabs) held innocent Americans prisoners in untenable conditions. America's Left, remember, made great hay out of Abu Ghraib and Gitmo. They sat silent when Americans were held, interrogated and tortured for a far, far, longer period! There was not one march to convince the Iranians to free the Americans.

Consider that, if Yasser (who never kept any agreement as long as he had an advantage) had a role in the hostage release, for which he brags about in the interview below, it is likely that he had a greater role in the hostage taking; meaning he and the Palestinian Arabs who took American diplomats and their wives as hostages declared war on America as far back as the SEVENTIES!

3. Jimmy Carter, according to Yasser Arafat's recorded voice (in 1988!), had a personal relationship with the Palestinian gangster and the PLO. So goes the Leftie theory and Carter's assertions that Carter was an impartial party ready to resolve the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Rather here is the truth: Jimmy Carter is a paid Arab lobbyist who has acted in that role since and DURING his presidency. The Carter Center has received tens of millions of dollars from Arab sponsors. And many directors of the Center resigned right after Carter's "apartheid" charge against Israel was published! Today there is a Carter Center office in Ramallah! Here are the facts from a loyal Carter appointee:

The American president, Jimmy Carter, was a paid, unlisted foreign agent, illegally working for America's enemies -- as he is doing today!

"PLAYBOY: A letter of thanks from Kissinger? Wasn't Andrew Young, during the Carter Administration, forced to resign as U.S. Ambassador to the UN for having had a brief conversation with your permanent observer there, Zehdi Terzi?


PLAYBOY: But Kissinger is currently no supporter of yours. Didn't he recently suggest that TV cameras should be barred from the West Bank and Gaza, and that the Palestinian uprising should be "brutally suppressed"?

ARAFAT: Yes, and how shameful are his words. [Angrily, gesticulating] "No to the P.L.O.!"-how shameful. We never harmed the Americans, never. We helped the Americans elsewhere, too. And in spite of this, look at what has happened.

PLAYBOY: On what other occasions have you helped Americans?

ARAFAT: During the hostage taking in Iran. We released the first hostages from the embassy. The first 13 embassy personnel. They were released according to my personal efforts.

PLAYBOY: We're not sure we understand. You mean that Carter forced Young to resign but then went to you for help in releasing the hostages from Iran? It has been a long-standing policy that there be no direct contact between any member of the U.S. Government and the P.L.O.

ARAFAT: There was a special and permanent contact between me and President Carter. I have written documents from President Carter himself. And I dealt with Ambassador [Landrum] Belling. You can discuss this with President Carter and his former Ambassador in Beirut.

PLAYBOY: If you have been of such help, why has this never been acknowledged?

ARAFAT: This is the shameful treatment of us by the American Administrations, I am sorry to say.

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