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God's Pharmacy: Popular Email Reviewed and Revised

By Tony Vega

(H/T to Shawn)

The popular email "God's Pharmacy" presents a list of twelve items detailing certain fruits and vegetables. The unique content of the email is how the nutrient enriched body parts and functions correlate with the appearance of the foods providing those nutrients.

Similar lists are widely spread over the net. Included here is a revised and accurate version, which can only be found here and on AC.

This intriguing list of fruits and vegetables is not my brainchild, but I rinsed it off and made it worthy for your consumption. Resources are also included. There are indeed other nutritional benefits that can be gained by consuming the foods listed, this should add to the benefits of the information and not minimize its veracity.

To be fair to the critics, there are some versions that stretch the facts or do not support their claims. Many of the lists are also ripe with juicy grammatical errors. Please forgive my grammar, the gingko supplements have not been working for me. I will switch to walnuts, in moderation of course.
In addition to the listed foods, other items contain similar nutritional benefits. Critics also use that as grounds to discredit lists of this nature. They claim the fruits and vegetables are selected to match the corresponding benefits. My response: "So what”

If the items on the list were cherry-picked to match the facts, it is facts none-the-less and not a contrived list. This publication of God's Pharmacy does not claim to be an exhaustive list, there are certainly additional fruits and vegetables that we can benefit from. This list is designed to be a creative reminder to eat healthy and to serve as a fun exploration into the wonders of nature. Perhaps, some of the critics are simply bemoaning the title. My response: "Lighten up, it's healthier."

Have fun and enjoy!

1. A sliced Carrot resembles the human eye including the pupil, iris, and radiating lines. Science indicates that carrots help protect the vision, especially night vision. WHFoods: Carrots

2. A Tomato has up to four chambers and is commonly red. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene and helps prevent heart disease, prostate cancer, breast cancer and more. Tomato juice can also reduce the tendency toward blood clotting. WHFoods: Tomatoes

3. Grapes hang in a cluster that resembles the shape of the heart. The stronger the color of the grape is, the higher the concentration of phytonutrients. Grapes prevent heart disease and reduce platelet clumping and harmful blood clots. WHFoods: Grapes

4. Walnuts resemble the brain, mimicking the wrinkles and folds of the neocortex. Research suggests that walnuts may reduce the risk or delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease. Walnut - Wikipedia The high concentration of omega-3 fats in walnuts promotes healthy brain function. WHFoods: Walnuts

5. Kidney Beans, true to their name are kidney shaped. They provide nutrients that are helpful to the human kidneys. Kidney beans contain molybdenum, which helps sulfite oxidase to form and is responsible for detoxifying sulfites WHFoods: Kidney beans. Animal research has shown that chronic renal failure has been associated with oxidative stress Sulfite-mediated oxidative stress in kidney cells.

6. Celery has a bone like appearance and is rich in silicon and Vitamin K, which are needed for healthy joints and bones Gillian McKeith You Are What You Eat

7. Avocados were used by the Aztecs as a sex stimulant and the Aztec name for avocado was ahuacatl, meaning "testicle" History of Avocados. An extract of avocado impedes the growth of both androgen-dependent and androgen-independent prostate cancer cells. WHFoods: Avocados

8. Figs have a rich history and often been referred to as a sexual food, this is partly symbolic due to the appearance of the fruit. Figs are loaded with seeds and when halved, many note a resemblance to female genitalia. The Hindu name for fig is anjeer and research has shown that anjeer is helpful for sexual weakness Ficus carica - medicinal plants. Figs have also been mentioned as a source helpful for male fertility and motility.

9. Oranges, Grapefruits and other Citrus fruits have been compared to the appearance of female mammary glands. These fruits contain nutrients that are helpful in the fight against breast cancer. Health Benefits of Citrus Limonoids Explored

10. Sliced Onions resemble skin cells and contain quercetin. Studies have shown when treated with a combination of quercetin and ultrasound at 20 kHz for 1-minute duration, skin and prostate cancers show a 90% mortality within 48 hours with no visible mortality of normal cells. Quercetin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

11. Sweet Potatoes resemble the pancreas and have a low glycemic index count, which is beneficial for diabetics. North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission

12. Olives resemble ovaries and may help reduce hot flashes in women going through menopause. WHFoods: Olives Research indicates that Olive Oil may reduce ovarian cancer by 30%. ACS: Olive Oil May Lower Ovarian Cancer Risk

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Nozzle Rage

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Some in Washington

Some in Washington by Vets For Freedom

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Al-Jazeera Remembers July 12, 1191: Acre Falls to the Crusaders

Seige of Acre in 1291

By Tony Vega

On July 12, 2008 Arabic news station al-Jazeera did a recurring five minute piece lamenting the fall of the Muslim city of Acre (Arabic: ‘Akka) to the Crusaders. The Siege of Acre commenced August 28, 1189, concluded July 12, 1191, and was the first confrontation of the Third Crusade, also known as the Kings' Crusade.

As reported by Raymond Ibrahim for Jihad Watch, the al-Jazeera narrator was more or less objective regarding the facts of this battle, though much more emphasis was placed on the “atrocities” committed against the Muslim inhabitants of Acre than anything else.

Were atrocities committed? One would be naive to reply in the negative. This does not negate the justification for the Third Crusade, or the first one for that matter. What the West is failing to acknowledge for the sake of political correctness and/or a misguided attempt at appeasement for peace's sake is historical accuracy of the Western world's struggles with Islam. Revising history doesn't change it, it hides it. History is usually interesting and always relevant, we must heed the lessons regardless if we like the message or not. If the West continues to bury their heads in the sand, regarding Islamic ideology, they risk finding the same removed from its host.

One thing for certain is that the "radical" or perhaps a more apt description is “devout,” regardless of the adjective, the Islamic world is winning the hearts and minds of their citizens, especially the young. Islamic ideology is furthered by great propagandist machines, dressed up as objective and secular entities such as al-Jazeera. As the al-Jazeera "Today in History" segment revealed, historical context is simply to further a jihadist agenda.

In order to convince the populous that jihad is justified in contrast to the view of the "religion of peace" the Islamic supremacists must convince the populous that they are merely defending themselves from the kafir (non-Muslims) or as Osama refers to such ilk, the as-Salibin: “the Crusaders.”

When media outlets such as al-Jazeera report their version of history, it is not for history's sake folks. It is to say "Hey on July 12, 1191 the Crusaders (modern day Americans and Europeans) disrespected Muslims AND they are still doing it today. Those in the West suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome, or just at the mall, or stuck in their version of reality [television], replies, "Hey, that's right dude" and returns to their next purchase of blue jeans and super-sized cups of kool-aid.

The West over the years has furthered the mantra that the West was the perpetrators of that era. The problem with such revisionist way of thinking is it gives present day perpetrators, the Islamic jihadists, encouragement and justification. Young Muslim men graduating madrassas and entering Taliban University aren't saying "yeah dude that was 1191 no big deal" No, they are saying "Death to America"

Mr. Ibrahim reminds us that Osama bin Laden reveals that he (Osama) has a prodigious memory concerning both the former glory of Islam as well as the “indignities” it has been made to suffer at the hands of the Crusaders and their descendants, modern day Westerners, whom he, and almost every other “radical,” refers to simply as as-Salibin: “the Crusaders.”
Political correctness be damned, let the West not forget their past accurate historical accounts and indignities it has been made to suffer at the hands of the "religion of peace."

Never Forget.

The eventual Fall of Acre was realized in 1291 and that siege lasted only six weeks, beginning on April 6 and ending with the fall of the city to the Muslims on May 18, though the Templars would hold out in their fortified headquarters until the 28th.

Al-Jazeera's take? Stay tuned.

Akko Tower, Acre Israel (January 2005)

Today, the old city of Acre (Hebrew: Akko) located in the Western Galilee area of northern Israel has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and contains a tunnel leading to a 13th century fortress of the Knights Templar. Acre has one of the highest proportions of non-Jews of any of Israel's cities with an Arab and Druze population, as well as a small community of Baha’is [baa haa hees], who regard Acre as the most sacred city in their faith. The city is a magnet for tourists and the home of the country's steel industry. It also produces exports including iron, chemicals, and textiles. Source: wikipedia

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Tony Snow

On July 12, 2008 at approximately 0200 hours Tony Snow rose above his battle with colon cancer and died at Georgetown University Hospital in DC.

Tony Snow replaced Scott McClellan as press secretary for President George Bush in May 2006. Unlike McClellan, Tony Snow brought pizzazz, intelligent wit, and above all integrity to the podium.

In a November 11, 2005, column no longer available at, but widely reported on CNN, Snow wrote that Bush's "wavering conservatism has become an active concern among Republicans, who wish he would stop cowering under the bed and start fighting back against the likes of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Wilson." "The newly passive George Bush has become something of an embarrassment," Snow's column said.

"I asked him about those comments," the president joked at the time of Snow's appointment. "And he said, 'You should have heard what I said about the other guy."

Tony Snow at the age of 17 lost his mother to colon cancer when she was 38-years old. Tony's battle with colon cancer began in 2005, after years of suffering from ulcerative colitis. His treatment included the surgical removal of his entire colon and after six months of chemotherapy, the disease was declared in remission. In 2007, while serving as White House Press Secretary, Mr. Snow suffered a recurrence of colon cancer that had metastasized to his liver. Today, Tony Snow succumbed to the same disease that claimed his mother's life.

Like every heroic soldier, he fought his battle with honor and provided encouragement and inspiration to those fortunate enough to hear his message and see him in action.

He excelled at all his professional endeavors, which spanned nearly 30-years. He was a musician, mastering six instruments and played in a band called Beats Workin'. This was in addition to his storied career in journalism and public service. Tony Snow, will also be fondly remembered in a less glorious but more important role as a committed family man and great American. He was devoted to his wife and three children.

Mr. Snow left journalism in 1991 to join the first Bush administration for President George H.W. Bush as director of speechwriting and deputy assistant to the president for media affairs. He then rejoined the news media to write nationally syndicated columns for The Detroit News and USA Today.

"Not everybody will survive cancer, but on the other hand, you have got to realize you've got the gift of life, so make the most of it. That is my view, and I'm going to make the most of my time with you."- Tony Snow, May 2007

"Attitude is real important. Why sit around and bemoan your fate? Go ahead and get in there and while you're at it enjoy every moment you're alive."- Tony Snow, September 12, 2007

Robert Anthony Snow was born June 1, 1955, in Berea, Ky., and spent his childhood in the Cincinnati area. Survivors include his wife, Jill Ellen Walker, whom he married in 1987, and three children.