Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chickens Coming Home to Roost?

Resolving the Demo's Fiasco...

Heh, heh, what do we have here Boys and Girls?

Chickens coming home to roost?

A taste of their own medicine?

Another attempt to steal an election? Heck, they wrote the script after all.

Do we expect the leopard to shed its stripes?

Remember: It's not Bush who stole the 2000 election; it is Gore who tried to! It was Gore who sued. It was Gore who tried to selectively recount only highly democratic counties. It was Gore who tried to keep the military votes sealed. It was Gore's supporters who called an early close to the polls. The same supporters -- all the networks except FOX -- who called the exit polls for Gore. It was a Gore 100% Demogogue Florida Court that ruled illegally to re-write Florida's election laws -- just this one time -- and of course, in Gore's favor.

As we watch the Demogogues self-destruct today on TV, you are seeing history in the making. And it is here and now I am predicting this the beginning of their destruction -- mark my words -- POETIC JUSTICE rears it's gorgeous head. They have just sown the seeds from which springs HOPE eternal; but also, failure and disaster.

Robert Wexler, the Florida rep, eloquently made the case for "compromise" to allow one half of the votes that were illegally rigged in Hillary's favor, to be counted in Hillary's favor! Otherwise known as Demogogue justice.

Another example of the disingenuous Demogogue mindset. They will do to each other what they have done to their enemies. Not only will they defecate publicly and think it doesn't smell, they'll eat their own offsprings (former Demogogue Senator Joe Lieberman.)

Wexler knows quite well that anything less than 100% delegates counted for both states, Florida's and Michigan's -- one man, one vote rigged by Billary in Billary's favor in states where Obama was not even on the ballot -- will do absolutely no good for the insane half of the Bosnia veterans. Compromise?

Please tell that to the choir -- but they're not listening. They are singing.

The ramifications, as I stated above, will be long term and will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN by the screwed half of the Demogogue Party.

The two pathological liars, Hillary AND Obama, both believe they are entitled to the presidency. I think the world will make a few turns before that fateful day in November. Let me put it another way: Man plans; G-d laughs. Or Man proposes; G-d disposes.

No penalty will be allowed. This compromise is no compromise at all. It will be but a failed effort for these phoneys, phakes and phrauds to get to the convention in once piece, to shoehorn into office an already failed and lame duck one-term president just like Jimmy Carter; either the inexperienced and full of himself Empty Suit, Obama, who, surprisingly, is not alone in believing his own script that he voted against the war when he wasn't even in the Senate when the vote took place; or the equally inexperienced Bosnia warrior, the pathologically insane Hillary who will shortly go another round in taking down terrorists at the airport.

Now they are doing to each other, albeit not to the same degree, what they tried to do to Bush -- and failed to do. They just think they have succeeded. A finer show couldn't be had on TV...of course with the exception of the clicking of heels and the salute "I'm Reporting for Duty" at the last Demagogue Convention. That fellow too, thought he was "entitled. Have you heard of him lately?


surely too late....

but not denied.

In other words, it all comes back home.


Andrew G. Benjamin

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