Sunday, May 4, 2008

Photo Journal: Lies, Libel, Defamation, & Stealing Wives

Compiled by Andrew G. Benjamin

Hey, no one's perfect! Mi Casa; su Casa & Your wife is my wife. We share the wealth.- Rev. Wright

On the way to "G-d DAMN America!"

This 10,000 square foot mansion is being built for the Rev. with Church Money, a showcase to demonstrate to all victims of The White Devil how utterly miserable life in America can be for the poor African - American America-haters:

Isn't it ironic that the genuine racists, professional victims, haters and the irrational resentment-filled call those who point out these truths "RACISTS?" Actually, no. They have no idea what Socrates meant when he said: "Know Thyself." And they won't bother to find out either.

Talking about hypocrisy? LETS!

I have a Dream!



Remember what the Rev. said: "We brought it on ourselves."

"I never heard my Reverend Wright say anything racist
or bad about America and I approve this message."

It is suggested, when you watch a magician, watch the hand that is NOT moving.

Smoke and Mirrors and Snake Oil.

Or better yet:


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