Monday, June 2, 2008

Cherry Picking

By Andrew G. Benjamin

One of the BIG LIES of the Goebbels-inspired Left is the nonsensical assumption -- and the one that gives force to their argument -- that Bush & Co "cherry picked" the evidence.

The Second Big Lie is that "Bush Lied" with his 16 word statement at the State of the Union message "The British Government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa." NOT ONE WORD OF THAT STATEMENT WAS FALSE!
And the Third Big Lie is that Saddam and terrorists were not connected, even in the face of two al Q'aida training bases having been active under the supervision of Uday Hussein; and the Abu Nidal home across the Tigris from Saddam's palace.... and finally the Iraqi spy arrest near Hamburg just before 9-11 reported in Memri -- before 9-11. Referenced below!

That third leg of the Left's stool of lies is about to collapse as debunked by the Senate Intel Committee also referenced below. Predictably the general press either ignored this major component of the war story that the Left is also accusing Bush for, or is complicit in the myth making and provided the innuendo for it, and in many cases kept implying the very opposite of this truth. Excerpt from the intel report:

"But with respect to Saddam Hussein's regime and his link to terrorists, the committee did find that the CIA judgments were reasonable, based on the available intelligence."

One need not assume, but take for granted, that the LeftMedia and its fans and associates never bothered to read the over 500 page intel report that I attach here.

With Mc Clellan's book becoming the most recent piece of disingenuousness with which they can raise their nonsensical libels, none of it challenged by the major media, and now a book soon to be forgotten in any case, they again ride the momentum on their dead horse of baseless charges. So I'll end it for them once again.

For some weird reason, and politics may have little to do with it, I prefer history told accurately.

They, on the other hand, Rather, DAN, re-fabricate the Constitution to read: Bush/Chimp/Idiot/Moron;Miserable Failure/The Worst President in History; Gay marriage IS by definition marriage... a union between Bob and Joe will propagate the human race; a fetus 8 1/2 month old should be aborted preferably before it's born, and if not that, whenever practicable, even if he reached 24 years of age; mass murderers should not be executed because they're innocent until they mass murder once again; illegal immigrants should have rights to beachfront mansions in East Hampton with two leggy 25 year old Swedish maids and a Bentley with chauffeur for their four car garages; and that "The People" refered to in the 2nd Amendment ratified in 1789 actually meant The National Guard established in 1903. They would also prefer that the constitution guarantee rights American citizens enjoy to MS13 gang members from Mexico or illegal sheep herders from Yemen.


The Mylroie Report (Mylroie, for those not familiar with reality, was the special assistant on terrorism to Bill Clinton.)

BTW, not only was I one of to inspect the first WTC bombmaker's facility; I was also by providence, caught up in Operation Bojinka bust referenced in Mylroie. Lucky me.

Conclusion: The Left was right all along; and I was wrong all along.


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