Monday, April 7, 2008

The "race" in The Race

By Andrew G. Benjamin

The "race" in The Race....facts...not fiction please.

We've seen the videos of radical Muslim imams preach hate, violence and intolerance at the "infidels," meaning ourselves, people of other religions and other cultures...and shall we say, of various sexual preferences.

Given that perspective we can come to conclusions about other sources of hate and intolerance against race, class, wealth, and business, right here in America. What stands out most dramatically in this political season are parallels between the hatefilled and enraged imams and certain Americans prominent on the political landscape which paints a fundamentalist religious and political fervor by incorporating their intolerance and hate against class (which they all lack), and other races, that they hope the rest of America will turn a blind eye to.

They are mistaken! We know too, that their anti-war sentiments are not pacifism, or an argument that is morally or evidence based, but rather one that says this: "America has no right to spend money on liberation of hostile states and on national security when we should get that money spent right here, in OUR inner city communities!" In other words, OUR community (meaning their narrow inner city world) is FAR more important than the Global Community and the welfare of all of mankind.

It is clear that America's national security is threatened not only from without, but from within!

We see parallels: revisions of history to fit their ideologies, and more strikingly, the very same political world view these hostile Americans share with the Islamofascists of Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. These groups are a permanent, dangerous and subversive Fifth Column posed to undermine civilized American society from within; and sabotage too, our national security interests abroad.

For example, our national security interest to secure safe passage for, and to provide access to, affordable heating oil and gasoline for Mr. Averageman, your best friend, and for Grandma next door...

In general, the very same people who have been clamoring for "understanding," 'peace," and "tolerance" have become the most intolerant, least understanding, and least peaceful of all.

The Communists and Nazis were both socialist (Class Warfare) ideologies. They were established as movements against class, minority groups not dominant within the main body of the population, and specifically targeting wealth -- meaning individuals who have achieved and made something of themselves. Both are fundamentally based in The Politics of Envy.

In other words, Communism and Nazism are two sides of the very same coin.

Both confiscated the property and products of the ambitious, talented, resourceful and productive, and transferred the same to the state; or better yet, to the lazy, talentless, resourceless, the mean and small minded, and the unproductive. The Communists and Nazis were NOT a distinctive Left vs. Right ideology as many would like to think. In fact, both were Left of the political spectrum. The Royalists were on the Right.

Both of these ideologies are Fascistic -- control freaks. They are in many ways the same as the Islamofascists who mean to control every aspect of your lives. Most importantly all three are not only anti-democratic and anti-freedom, they are anti-liberal and anti-progressive!

Critics of the critics of Senator Obama insist that he is NOT responsible for the statements of his closest confidant, mentor AND pastor Reverend Wright, who teaches "Black Liberation Theology" and dispenses the anti-white and anti-Semitic vitriol the very same as Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan, whom Wright feted with honors. Obama's critics are told that they have not heard the Reverend's speeches in the context he intended and therefore their criticism lacks merit. This is all true. However, it is not, since Obama and Michelle sat through Wright's speeches for twenty years and were never on record to have opposed them.

What is one to conclude...that the Obama Family does not believe what Wright has repeatedly sermonized?

In any case, the speeches are available and have been the context they were made.

The racial supremacy espoused by the Reverend Wright (of course totally discredited by religious scripture, historical fact and the statistics published in the hated "The Bell Curve" -- which, incidentally, has NEVER been discredited), is exactly the same in content as the racial vitriol integrated (no pun intended) in Adolph Hitler's Mein Kampf. Hitler's irrationality against Jews, Gypsies, Slovaks, Blacks, and certain Asians are the very same kind as Farrakhan's and Wright's against white folk and Jews.

Interesting observation: The most violent, hate filled, irrational and enraged are those with the least achievements.

Obama's problem is that he cannot deny what follows:

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