Thursday, April 17, 2008

Operating within the World of Chaos

By Andrew G. Benjamin

You've read the conspiracy theories. Most are patched together factoids of nonsense and nightmares. JFK was killed by a single bullet fired by a single man from a single rifle. Martin Luther King was killed by a single bullet fired by a single man from a single rifle. Ditto for Lincoln, the Pope, and the attempts on Reagan and others. All the evidence points to these facts. There is NO evidence to the contrary.

Here is one conspiracy theory you have not read about.

Hedge funds are private, largely unregulated pools of capital whose managers can buy or sell any assets and participate substantially in profits from money invested. The profits are amazing...and so are the risks. Two words describe the risks: Bear-Stearns.

Two words describe the rewards: Soros, Paulson.

One word describes the environment where these parasites operate:

Paulson made more money on a single chaos bet than anyone in history, more even than JP Morgan paid for Bear Stearns!

Paulson took advantage of chaos. Chaos in the markets, uncertainty in the future. These hedgies have good friends who create the uncertainty: The Democratic Party of the United States of America.

Uncertainty ends up in chaos. Chaos results in the seizing of power by those most responsible for the chaos in the first place.

George Soros is just one of the chaos operators...the best known...but he's not the best...he was one of the first. Paulson is the best.

Soros almost bankrupted the Bank of England. He ruined the Russian ruble. He was convicted in a French court of financial manipulation and the French Supreme court upheld the conviction. Soros is a wanted man in some countries.

In 2003 Soros shorted the dollar and kept accumulating his shorts to this day. And you wonder why the dollar has collapsed? After all, Soros will take credit for all the other successes he engineered!

While Soros manipulated the world's markets, his top man informed the us about the Democratic Party's new status:

"We bought it. We own it!"

Soros spent the last years defaming and libeling vice president Dick Cheney, the former CEO of Halliburton, with the fabrication that Cheney started the war in Iraq because of profiteering motives. Never mind that Cheney has no stake in Halliburton and whatever he had is in blind trust and he could lose whatever he has because he has no control over it.

Never mind that for years Halliburton lost money before they made money. Never mind that one of the largest investors in Halliburton is the Quantum Fund. Huh, are we speaking of the George Soros-owned fund who named Quantum?

Nah! Not possible. George Soros' fund ONLY owns 2 million shares of Halliburton. Fact.

These are the people...not George Bush, not Dick Cheney, not the neo-cons...who are profiteering on the backs of the common man. These are the people who make the big profits from war, from strife, from hunger, from poverty and from economic problems. In fact....

These are the very people who have brought on us the economic crisis we are now facing.

Bush had nothing to do with it. Cheney had nothing to do with it. 1% interest rates had some to do with it. But 1% interest rates also allowed many poor folk to buy homes...and most of these folk are not giving up their jobs...and most of them are not losing their homes or their jobs.

There is the world of fantasy, a cartoon world of the new Left where the American president has the power to summon a hurricane to punish blacks for not voting for him; and the real world...the world of Soros, Paulson and Co. as depicted in the articles above.... about the real movers and shakers who are harming us all.

If one cannot put one and one and one together (sub prime having been shorted, the dollar having been shorted, and Halliburton being bought up by the very same guys who shorted the sub prime and the dollar), then one cannot put anything together.

If one cannot make the parallels between Soros and Paulson above, and the meltdown below, then one is incapable of making parallels about anything.

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