Saturday, April 5, 2008

It is said, that the best defense is a good offense...

It is said, that the best defense is a good offense...and a good offense is better achieved by good preparation.

Shiite happens but one can fall back on a Sunni day.

Ronald Reagan sold AWACS to the Saudis in the early eighties.

The Left marched into the streets protesting Reagan's plans.

The Israelis pulverized Osirak, Saddam's nuclear reactor about to manufacture oil, er, I meant, atomic Iraq, some will actually suggest, HAS oil. Plenty of it. And they need a nuclear reactor to produce electricity like I need a bird dropping dangling on the back of my head.

The Left, predictably, marched into the streets protesting Israel's "illegal" wish to survive. (These Israelis have some nerve!)

Reagan then placed Pershing missiles throughout Europe (as Bush is doing now with Star Wars throughout Europe -- see the article above.)

The Pershings targeted Moscow and other military targets throughout the Soviet Union.

The Pershings were deployed BECAUSE the Russians FIRST deployed ICBMs carrying MIRVs (Multiple Targeted Re-entry Vehicles) at European and American cities -- population centers.


The Left, predictably and cynically, marched throughout Europe's capitals protesting the deployment of the Soviet ICBMs.

Wait, they didn't do that.

They marched in the streets DEMANDING unilateral American disarmament and the dismantling of all missiles targeting the Soviets. While they demanded that America disarm, they asked for no such thing of the Soviets who happened to take over 40 independent nations just a few years before -- under Jimmy Carter.

Yes, that Jimmy Carter, who called Israel an apartheid state and who, with Bill Richardson (yes, the recent Presidential candidate) and Madelyne Albright, Clinton's former Secretary of State, negotiated Bill Clinton's nuclear disarmament pact with North Korea. That's the one that really worked...before Kim exploded two nukes in the mountains North of Pyongyang. Thanks for that one Bills, Jimmy, and Madelyne...we needed that! With that kind of competence we have a lot to look forward to under the new democratic leadership. And think, they called Bush an "idiot."

Funny thing: the Left didn't march in the streets protesting Kim's violations of existing and signed treaties...

Anyone see a pattern here?

You don't?

Thanks to Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush and the detested Neo-Cons.....

Now it is us, who have the lay of the land.

Not our enemies.

And that is how you keep the peace.-AGB

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CountryGirl said...

Pretty scary shit, especailly when you watch that video. What's even more scary is that most Americans seem to have their heads buried in the sand about how bad these Islam terrorist really are thinking. Along with what they are doing to people that do not follow their beliefs.
All I can say is we sure don't need anyone like Obama in the White House, or it will be the end of all of us. His charm is catching to many people who really have not looked into what he is all about.
Again well written.