Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Global Warming Analysis, by Andrew Benjamin

This post was submitted by Andrew G. Benjamin,

The Theory, the Conclusion, the Indictment. And the Trial, Conviction and the Incarceration -- from the author of "The Boiling Point", one of Al Gore's advisers. The other , Dr, John Gibbons, I took care of in my point-counterpoint debate a couple of years ago.

The Funny:

The Funnier:

And the Funniest -- from The Union of Concerned Scientists, the same people (activists mostly, not scientists) who ejected real scientists who had the nerve to disagree with them (meaning the term "consensus" will remain unchallenged.) Do you think we have a debate today because there is consensus on climate change?

And the "enablers" (mainstream media) made it official here, from the Clinton News Network...(where else?)

Pretty funny huh?

Now lets turn the page to:

A (REALLY) Inconvenient Fact :

I wonder how these charts sit with Gore's heavy lifting?


Note the frequency AND severity of hurricanes have fallen decade by decade.

finally, here's more "consensus" from real scientists, not those who'll try to make Americans believe there are no records for pre-industrialized America:

I love it when someone tells me "It can't be done" or "It doesn't exist," don't you?


I live in a hurricane zone, so I am terrified of hurricanes.

But what I have learned about the predictions of, especially from the left which is always, and without exception, politically tinged and motivated, is this:

Man proposes; G-d disposes. Man plans; G-d laughs.

well, didn't you know it was Bush's fault? I did.

So are the wildfires.


TV said...

Andrew, Very cleverly done. It's refreshing to see an honest angle into this issue. You're a good American!

Anonymous said...

Turning this issue into one of ideology is typical of right wing paranoid wack jobs....that there is warming is uncontrovertible. The cause is still subject to discussion. Demonizing people, in the Joe McCarthy style is also typical and as with Iraq, if the right is proven clueless and wrong yet again, it will move the bar, be in full court denial press and lash out at those who were correct. Fortunately the country has woken up and you folks are being pushed into the corner, dunce cap on head where you belong....

Anonymous said...

I have no problem identifying myself. In fact, it is the Left, Mr. "Anonymous," who have a problem with hiding their identities or who they really are. Speaking about "Demonizing" while we're at it, let's see who uses such words as:

"paranoid whack jobs"
"wrong" ...."again?"

In the 1970's the same bunch of "scientists" warned us about Global Cooling! They wanted to paint the polar caps black to melt the ice! don't believe me?


Will I have to go back to this gentleman's earlier comments to exhume more of his (Demonizing) and not being able to refute anything I said with such mundane things as evidence?

The gentleman suggests that people, er, I mean the "whack jobs" on the Right, deny that warming is taking place. No such thing Sir. As usual, they (you) are the ones who regularly "move the bar" to distract, obfuscate, mix up, delay, change the subject, and obstruct the truth.

And you are right, the American people have been taken by the lies from Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of the Demogoue gang who have no intention of ending the war in Iraq because they too are in the pockets of special interests!

No one I know of on the Right, or anywhere else, denies that warming is taking place. There are however rational reasons for it. For example: Geo-thermal effects have been on the rise, under-ocean volcanos for example. Sun spots and a dying sun (yes, stars die and burn into a Super Nova.) In fact there are people who deny that the Earth's core exists. but it does. And it gives off heat...lots of it.

There are rational people, for example those testifying on last week's 20/20 on ABC, who have a problem with the Left's assertions about a "consensus" existing on climate change.

If there is a consensus, how come so many real scientists -- as opposed to activists -- do not agree with the Gore-camp's stated cause for it?

Perhaps "Anonymous" can answer anonymously why with almost the same magnitude there is global warming observed on Mars, courtesy of NASA?

I know. Its either Bush's fault or NASA are a bunch of Right Wing "Whack jobs," that's why!

The fact is, the jury is out with respect to industry's role on climate change, as can be proved by the last link of my post yesterday.

I trust Anonymous can bring to the table a verifiable refuting of anything I said here.

For example, I challenge him to refute, never mind, negate this:

Conditions at Abu Ghraib Prison improved markedly AFTER the invasion by Coalition Troops.

TV said...

Very compelling information you bring to the table, Andrew. The truth shouldn't be a partisan effort. Perhaps, when someone has a hidden agenda, as many do on the left, there is only deceit, distraction, & denial in their arsenal. Their comments are usually dripping with anger, a byproduct of the frustration they must live with, and of course the ad hominem attacks. Why? Just like the kid in the school yard with the lack of skills to debate on the merit of the issues, they resort to the distraction of insults. I don't know, just an arm chair psych. viewpoint, I don't want to be guilty of insulting anyone....