Sunday, October 7, 2007

Our Withdrawal Implications

By Tony Vega for
Sunday, October 07,2007

Why are we hearing so much abut Iran and what are the implications of an immediate U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, is there a nexus? Well let's see...

Iran is the largest military power in the Persian gulf. Iran is backed by Russia & China. If Iran takes charge of Iraq they will control the entire region & oil prices will sky rocket. Vladimir Putin will continue to increase his profits as a result of the chaos in Iraq.

Let's continue to analyze this. The Iranian nuclear threat is very real but probably 5-10 years away. It is definitely something we must address and take seriously, however, the immediate threat is Iran taking control of the Arabian peninsula (if we pull out) with implications regarding Saudi oil.

Don't forget Iran's comrade Putin has his arm around her shoulder and will profit big time as a result of the instability in that region. Remember that Russia is wading in black gold and even out paces Saudi Arabia in production. Putin also has veto power in the security council there by in effect paving the way for Iran to continue with her nuclear endeavors without any serious sanctions imposed by the U.N.

There shouldn't be any doubts regarding Iran's hostile position regarding Israel. Not even the most extreme apologist for Ahmadinejad should be able to reconcile that in good conscience. Yeah there I go again assuming the extreme left has a conscience. Ahmadinejad may have enjoyed a platform at one of our esteemed learning institutions and expressed a desire to pay his respects at ground zero & to some he may have appeared to be striking a conciliatory pose toward us-don't you believe it ladies & gentlemen not for a NY minute. Just the opposite is true. Iran's desire is to damage America and certainly with big brother Putin in her corner along with her silent partner China -Iran is posturing. Iran is enjoying such strong backing and throw the nuclear measure in the mix and Iran significantly strengthens her position.

Sometimes I forget that Jimmy Carter is a former POTUS. When do I forget that fact? Whenever I see or hear him speak. Nonetheless our former President just doesn't seem to grasp the threat. Need I remind you this was the same leader in office during Ayatollah Khomenie's rise to power? Now I won't jump on the bandwagon here and claim Carter's Persian appeasement is due in part or whole for that matter to anti -Semitism/Zionism. Who truly knows what lurks in the heart of any man? Don't say the shadow knows.... come on that's an obvious reference to:

"The Shadow" a fictional character created by Walter B. Gibson in 1931 with the first story title "The Living Shadow". The character is one of the most famous of the pulp heroes of the 1930s and 1940s -- made even more famous through a popular radio series originally played by Orson Welles, The Shadow has also been featured in comic books, comic strips, television, and at least seven motion pictures. Regardless, The Shadow is best regarded for its radio years, in which pulp crime fiction received perhaps its most compelling broadcast interpretation. Even after decades, the unmistakable introduction from The Shadow, intoned by announcer Frank Readick, has earned a place in the American lexicon: "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!"- wikipedia

OK sorry about the distraction, now back to the central theme here... I do beg your pardon, but one can't always talk about grave world threats without a little digression. Now where was I? Right- Mr. Carter and his Persian appeasement. It quite boggles the mind how far some of the elite left will go to be an apologist for Iran and many of our enemies. Do we not learn from history? Particularly in Mr. Carters case. It wasn't so long ago when Mr. Carter ran this country while that infamous Ayatollah rose to dangerous power. I made reference to possible anti-Semitism/Zionism claims regarding Mr. Carter as the cause for his blindness. I don't know this to be factual. I'm sure Mr. Carter's actions will provide that evidence and the world will judge for themselves. I do know, however, that anti-Israel sentiment is growing or just perhaps presenting itself in the wake of the U.S. being embroiled in the Iraq mess. Caution my fellow American; do not allow such a sentiment to dilute your view against a very real threat or take a soft stance against an enemy just because that enemy is opposed to Israel.

Fact: We are engaged in a strong military action in Iraq. Like it or not. And U.S. interests are at stake.

As long as we are tied up in this quagmire that is Iraq, Russia profits, and Iran continues to jockey for position.

Iran has a strong stake in our failure. Iran doesn't want us to stabilize Iraq and install a Sunni government. That will lessen Iran's power base. And control over the region and Saudi oil no longer seems such a viable acquisition.

Another trip back in history -a quick trip to the 80's. Well let's back up a year to 1979. That's when Americans were seized and held hostage in Iran with the acquiescence of Ayatollah Khomeini and of course this took place during the Carter administration. This was also after a successful Iranian revolution in which the Ayatollah became Supreme Ruler in the new Theocratic government. The culmination of such tumultuous Persian events, which left Iran with a weakened military, and the obvious conflict with the U.S. and other Western governments emboldened Iraq to invade Iran. The ensuing Iran-Iraq war from 1980 to 1988 caused an estimated one million Iran casualties, in which 100,000 casualties was a result of chemical warfare by Iraq. In a nations history it seems as though that took place yesterday.
To further complicate this conundrum, we have in place here a dominate Iranian Shia faction where as the Iraqi leading elite is predominately Sunni despite Iraq's majority population of Shia Muslims. You do the math....

Pulling out of Iraq posthaste may feel good, however, we mustn't leave without securing our interests. That's right we must ensure that American interests are paramount in any withdrawal plan. And it is quite obvious that in order to achieve a semblance of order and protection from state sponsored terrorism we need to leave Iraq with a government that can withstand an Iran incursion. Folks it is a bleak outlook. I certainly don't have much faith in this quasi Iraqi parliament, or much confidence in Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki despite Dubya's endorsement. It's a mess & there's no easy answer.

Be careful of forming opinions or endorsing policy from sound bites and catch phrases. When the left warns of foolishly sounding the "drums of war" toward Iran & launch a campaign to make Iran appear innocuous what are they really doing? They are exaggerating our response to this very real threat and exploiting the disgust most Americans feel regarding our presence in the Middle East. Because we want out of Iraq it is very hard to fathom a delayed withdrawal due to another issue that is Iran. Many Americans are ignoring that shadow in our peripheral vision. Just because you close your eyes doesn't mean the bad guy can't see you. That practice only appeases the psyche of a two year old. We must remain awake and vigilant and secure our interests in the middle east. With a proper & methodical withdrawal we may be able to temper Iran without any further military skirmish. Hell we still have a military presence in Korea after a cease fire in 1953. And like every runway model & Ms. America I wish for peace on earth. But I believe in war if necessary.

I am in no way suggesting a military response toward Iran - I don't believe we are at that juncture yet. I am merely bringing to light the complex issue of our immediate withdrawal from Iraq, and how it benefits Russia that we remain bogged down in Iraq. We must stay the course in order to gain solid ground prior to any withdrawal.

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