Wednesday, October 17, 2007

America Discovers Christopher Columbus

Friday, October 12, 2007

Children across America are learning that Christopher Columbus was a vile, European interloper. OK not quite in those words, but you get the idea. Certain academics with a certain agenda will have us believing Columbus killed off the indigenous people via germ warfare and that he destroyed paradise in the pursuit of colonization.

Did Columbus and his crew spread sickness and disease?
Did Columbus commit atrocities?
Did Columbus build upon pristine land?

I am sure if you follow the evidence the three questions above can be answered in the affirmative.

At the risk of sounding like an apologist for Columbus, I will elaborate. Disease was spread through ignorance and germs were spread from foreign men and livestock. It was not introduced to the people via some Saddam Hussein like bio warfare.

In the pursuit of progress, nature sometimes takes a back seat to human advancement, i.e. adequate shelter and water closets that may house one's chamber pot; necessary advancements for a sustained civilization. I cannot fathom any justification for rape, murder, and/or slavery; that is the opposite of civilization and the epitome of savagery.

The problem is not full disclosure of history; it’s the viewpoint. History should not be viewed from the left or right angle. We should focus on the entire picture.

Spain battled Muslim forces for hundreds of years and by the year 1000, Spain was the most oppressed part of Europe. The Far East trade routes linking Spain from across the Middle East and North Africa was exploited and under consistent Muslim control. Through unity, bravery, and the dogged pursuit of Freedom the Christian forces were able to sustain and reconquest.

By the 13th century, Christian unity began to wane and the Muslim forces were able to stop the Spanish Reconquista. The divided were conquered. Spain endured the plague of invasion from the Moor dynasty, which included the Almoravids and then their replacements, the Almohads, who waged jihad on Christianity.

The approximate span of eight centuries of resistance finally saw Spain liberated as Muslim tyranny was ejected.

In 1492, remember it was late this year when Columbus set sail, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella forced out all Muslims including those claiming a re-conversion to Christianity. It was obvious that the king understood history and had a grasp of the consequences resulting from division.

King Ferdinand would not risk the fall of his people to radical Islam. With the zeal of extreme nationalism, there was no longer any room for non-Christians or Muslim sympathizers, suspected or otherwise, resulting in the expulsion of all Jewish people as well.

Let’s not forget the fall of Constantinople to the Muslims in 1453. This marked the end of the Byzantine Empire and cemented the power of the Ottoman Empire.

Christians had very bleak options under the guise of an alleged multi-ethnic and accepting Ottoman Empire: Convert (to Islam), Dhimmitude (a condition of inferiority, spoliation and humiliation), or death. In addition, trade routes to the East were closed. This devastated European trade, in which the typical overland route was no longer feasible.

39 years later, in 1492, There was a vision to bypass the Muslims altogether. This vision saw a route by sea making it possible for Europeans to reach India and continue the trade for spices, silk, and other goods. This visionary was Christopher Columbus.

With the procured commission of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, Columbus set sail for the ocean blue. This was not without serious challenges, for the Ottomans did have a naval presence.

The Vikings and others made expeditions to the Americas, but there was no notable gain until the crew of Columbus spotted the Bahamas. A link to the New World and the Old was established, this set in motion what we are enjoying today.

The mindset of a free Medieval nation, with a constant acknowledgment that extinction or subjugation is at hand in the midst of a warring world, must be one of survival and expansion at all costs. Again, I am not attempting to apologize or rather justify atrocities, for there is no justification. I am merely bringing to light the mindset of the period.

Christopher Columbus the man may be viewed as despicable and controversial even in the 1400’s. Christopher Columbus the symbol represents bravery, hope, the positives of capitalism, and yes, however ironic, the spirit of Freedom. It is difficult to separate the man from the symbol, particularly since America’s federal holiday on Oct. 12 bears his namesake.

To continue with irony, the only other American holiday bearing the name of a man is Martin Luther King Day. Dr. King represents the champion of human rights. Despite an overwhelming amount of support for this leader of American civil rights, the decision was still met with some controversy.

Hmm…imagine a world 500 years from now where the citizens in Iraq are all on holiday commemorating George Bush Day. In this futuristic Iraq, there is dissent amongst the free citizens in which there is much debate over the American George Bush a former president of the greatest country in the world. Oppressor or Freedom Fighter?

Perhaps, we should stay away from naming federal holidays after men, for it will be difficult to separate the sinner from the symbol.

Perhaps, folks, it’s the symbolism that is important; a symbol that represents our way of life and the obvious successes of a Free America; a place in which one can enjoy diversity and be enriched by multiculturalism rather than defeated by it; a place with a rich history and some ugly practices during the birth of a New World.

Yes, if you listen closely you can hear the rattling of skeletons in the closet of that new world.

Be thankful that we are Free enough to decry such dark practices and to ensure that: We the People, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

God Bless America.
If you’re reading this thank a teacher, if you’re reading this in English thank a soldier.


Catholic American Mom said...

God bless you for enlightening me on a topic on which I was woefully ignorant! A very important piece! Thank you, sir, you are a true patriot!

Aishah Bowron said...

Christopher Columbus is the world's first serial killer. He is the Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy of the 1400s. He enslaved, murdered and butchered hundreds of thousands of Indians. He is a sinner, the apprentice of the Devil. He ate with the Devil and he drank with the Devil and he slept with the Devil and he worked for the Devil and he spoke to the Devil.

Anonymous said...

Your feeble attempt to minimize the humiliation, death and suffering of thousands of human beings who had nothing to do with the "Muslim oppressors" you go into such detail about honestly makes my stomach turn. To know I share a species with you makes me want to cry. Columbus was nothing but a psychotic murderer with no knowledge of geography. I hope you never have to experience having your arm hacked off because you couldn't find enough gold or having your new born baby smashed against rocks for fun. But if you do maybe you will understand just a little bit what it was like to be a native in the Bahamas when Columbus showed up.

You can take your american "symbol" and shove it. I'm an american and for me America stands for liberty and justice for all. Not greed and genocide.