Monday, October 29, 2007

Enviro-arsonists Exploit Wildfires

By Tony Vega for
Monday, October, 29, 2007

Every conscientious American should respect Mother Nature. Part of that respect should include not creating residential structures in the midst of natural fire corridors, now that’s a mutual respect both man and nature can live with.

Obviously we are allowed to build homes abutting the tinderbox zone of Southern California. Environmentalists agree that the brush should be cleared from around the immediate areas of the homes in order to create a defensible space from wildfires. The brush management can not, however, coincide with the nesting season of the gnatcatcher. The gnatcatcher nesting season is approximately six months out of the year. Some of you may be asking: what’s a gnatcatcher? Glad you asked. It is a 4 ½ inch bird that nests in the chaparral-the coastal sage scrub of Southern California. Here are some facts about the chaparral:

It is a very low growing, dense brush known as coastal sage scrub.

Found primarily in Southern California.

Home to many small woodland creatures such as the kangaroo rat.

It is the most fire prone area in America.

The brush management must be done in a way that does not harm the native plants, soil, or habitats. Are you confused about how one might accomplish this task? Well you might be if you were attempting to create a defensible space around your home without violating any laws. Perhaps, this brush management policy should be re-visited. I surmise it is politically expedient to allow human homes and lives to burn, while protecting the rights of the bird, plant, and rat.



We’ve heard the dishonesty from California’s Senator Barbara Boxer, blaming President Bush and his Iraq policy in regard to the deployment of the National Guard. Senator Boxer’s claims were clearly debunked, for further information on that subject click here: article. Senator Reid and other enviro-arsonists have blamed man induced “global warming” as a cause of the wildfires. There is evidence that man had a part in these fires. Police have effected multiple arrests of individuals intentionally starting fires, as was the case in many of the past wildfires. These intentionally set fires albeit tragic wasn’t the root cause, these crimes exacerbated a pre-existing serious condition. There is no calculable evidence that global warming was the cause of these wildfires.

For many years now we have been hearing the sky is falling from a variety of enviro-arsonists. These tales have taken off, well, like wildfire. Pardon the pun. And while the rest of America, North and East of this fire belt spend time punning, and spinning yarns of folk lore, lives are at risk, and there are men and women engaged in heroic efforts fighting these fires. As long as politicians distract us with nonsensical rhetoric, very real questions remain unanswered, such as: why are realtors developing so close to the natural habitat of the chaparral? Are the zoning laws adequate?

We hear dire warnings emanating from the same sector about melting polar ice, and the dangerous warming of Greenland. What we don’t hear about is scientific data indicating that the region was warmer for several decades in the early 20th century, before human influence over the climate. There are also significant accounts of a California wildfire in1889, dubbed the “Great Fire of 1889”. This fire pre-dated fire suppression efforts of wildfires burning through wilderness areas. There are accounts of early Spanish explorers during the 1500’s speaking of the “winds of Satan”, a reference to the Santa Ana winds. These winds are associated with some of California’s deadliest and largest fires. There are Native American stories indicating the use of fire, which included concern over wildfires. A report of fire ecology by the California Coastal Commission revealed a belief that fire has been an important component of the chaparral for two million years. The common causes are lightning, spontaneous combustion of plant matter, sparks from falling rocks, and volcanic activity, this is not an exhaustive list. The evidence of human contributing factors include, ironically, fire suppression. Fire suppression of this natural burn prevents adequate consumption of brush, thereby leaving the fuel to grow and remain for the following season.

History and rational science don’t share the alarmist views of modern day enviro-arsonists, such as Albert Gore, Senator Reid, and the rest of their ilk. It should be noted that the chaparral habitat covers only 8.5 percent of California. And yet we must develop there. The elite left will continue to enflame public discourse with the inconvenience of dishonesty, in order to further their agenda. A more honest discussion would focus on development in these areas, as mentioned by Jamie Lee Curtis. Bobby Nimmo, an attorney residing in the area aptly stated that he and his fellow residents are “living in a fantasy by living in brush area thinking we can beat Mother Nature.”

The sky is falling agenda has generated more than four billion dollars in tax revenue. Tax payer funded programs have encouraged various Universities to dole out rewards to faculty generating research data. Down playing the significance of global warming is not a healthy concept to the funding.

Enviro-arsonists like racial arsonists exist to alarm the public in order to maintain or earn a benefit, akin to “ambulance chasers” only worse because many of them hold a public trust. This is achieved by exploiting and propagandizing local and world events. The desired reaction is fear, and public outcry, resulting in the pandering to the specific group. The more sensitive and popular the issue, the easier it is to shape public policy.


Anonymous said...

calling environmentalists "enviro-arsonists" is infantile of course, and to be expected. However, listing "Gore, Reid and the rest of their ilk" as the people who think there is a serious global warming crisis, is truly idiotic, and of course also to be expected. The FACT is, while there is disagreement about global warming, there is disagreement throughout the scientific community about a wide variety of subjects and what you've left out is that while there is disagreement about global warming's ultimate affect on the earth, and about its causes and possible exacerbation by human activity, the VAST MAJORITY WITHIN THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY WHO HAVE STUDIED THIS SUBJECT are more or less on the side of "GORE, REID AND THEIR ILK." Turning this subject into an ideological controversy, which is what America's right has done (you, know, the "mission accomplished" "they'll welcome us with open arms," "the oil will pay for the war" crowd that's been WRONG about just about everything), is truly idiotic. Today's so-called conservatives remind me of the 3 Little Pigs, with the ones building their homes of straw and mud being today's conservatives and the one having the foresight to build out of bricks being the liberals. Which means EVERYTHING'S BACKWARDS.

TV said...

Hi Anonymous, glad you stopped by. If you went away after reading the post believing I was referring to environmentalists as enviro-arsonists, then I wasn't clear enough. It's the extremists and alarmists that hijacked a worthy cause with unverifiable, and certainly Al Gore fits into this category, claims that earned the moniker "enviro-arsonist". There are others that are exploiting the wildfires for personal gain & to further a political agenda. I would say to them, and the rest of their ilk to stop the whining and keep the hot air away from the fires. As far as the "mission is accomplished" crowd goes, I believe many in that crowd would agree that the man who made that statement handled this war effort in a blundering & incompetent manner. Part of that blundering includes not standing up to the elite left. You see, anonymous, many of those in that crowd, not all, aren't afraid to disagree with party leaders. They are not as prone as those on the left to blindly follow & drink the Kool-aid, now that would be idiotic & infantile. Most credible scientists agree that human beings are effecting our climate, just not to the degree most alarmists are inconveniently exaggerating about. And that's a problem when someone in a position of trust plays fast & loose with the truth. Enviro arsonists and the rest of their ilk serve to damage causes. I'm sure your familiar with Aesop's fable "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"......