Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Tea Party Must Reject Ron Paul

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During these troubled economic times and the Left’s assault upon decent & sane Americans in the Tea Party, as found in the Staten Island Tea Party, hopefully the idea and wonderful work of the “Tea Party” is not hijacked by the Ron Paul camp.

Absent domestic economic policy, Ron Paul cannot share the values of the Tea Party while rejecting adequate protection of the Constitution from Shariah Law and other foreign designs. Paul’s followers undoubtedly include patriotic Americans, but similar to the Obama camp many are also on the extreme fringe.

During economic duress it may be tempting to jump on the Ron Paul band wagon, for his economic savvy resonates very well with conservative fiscal values, but the ignorance of his foreign policy makes a Ron Paul presidency just as dangerous as an Obama presidency...if not worse.

As the Democratic Party was hijacked by the George Soros crowd and other far left radicals and the GOP Party has its fringe extreme, the Tea Party if not careful can be hijacked by the Ron Paul camp and the ‘well meaning’ anarcho-libertarian faction of that Party.

Anarchy should never be confused with a zeal for smaller government. Additionally, exploiting this nation’s poor foreign policy decisions of the past to justify giving our present enemies cart blanche is reckless; it is worse than those failures that are being exploited.

Granted, the Tea Party is not a national political Party, however, the grassroots movement has without question gained notoriety, respect and influence in the political discourse and direction of our nation. The Obama administration exploited the Tea Party’s success by scape-goating the grassroots movement for his failed economic policies.

In order for the tea Party to have and maintain success in rescuing the republic from the failed policies of elected officials, the Tea Party must maintain its credibility and relevance. In order to keep such status, the Tea Party cannot devolve into an isolationist and pro-shariah clan that embraces anarchy.

It runs counter to our Constitution when a leader, and presidential hopeful, fails to protect our sacred document from both foreign and domestic enemies.

What good is Ron Paul’s economic savvy if Shariah law and its adherents are allowed to go unchecked? Dhimmitude and subjugation will be the more benign aspects of a Shariah compliant U.S.

If Ron Paul has his way, an American policy will also embrace a nuclear Iran and an abandonment of Israel.

Is the motivation of a Ron Paul’s dangerous foreign policy stance a mindset that delineates the folly of “A friend (Islamofascists) of my enemy (Israel) is my friend”?

History has taught us the dangers of appeasement. Winston Churchill put it quite succinctly if not eloquently when he said, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

Again, what good is Ron Paul’s economic savvy when he refuses basic protection against foreign radical regimes and desires to abandon important allies, especially allies in our continued fight against terrorism?

Does Paul think that because we were once a free nation that the new foreign tyrants will allow the women of our nation to choose the color of their burqas?

A champion of the Constitution will protect the same from both foreign and domestic enemies. A scholar of the Constitution will have the capability of understanding that the first amendment does not give protection to organizations, religious or otherwise, from usurping the Constitution while endeavoring to conquer the American people.

A Ron Paul’s presidency will give up essential liberty by grossly abandoning temporal security.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! The Constitution is our protection against sharia you fool! You disrespect the only one that takes his oath to The Constitution seriously.
Fact is you are a Zionist & put Israeli interests above that of the US.

Ron said...

Fitting that the above comment is from "anonymous" probably anot OWS & Hamas supporter too. Simple Ron Paul is more dangerous than Obama. Only the intellectually lazy follows Paul.