Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Muslims Riot over Safety Rules at Rye Playland

Muslim Prayer Protest,Rye Playland,Following Riot
photo credit: Ryan Villareal, the daily greenburgh

The radical group Muslim American Society (MAS) organized a trip to Rye Playland in NY to celebrate a religious holiday known as Id al-Fitr, or the end of Ramadan. MAS expected 3,000 attendees.

MAS has strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood group and was founded as that group’s United States Chapter. The Muslim Brotherhood in addition to desiring the introduction of Shariah as the basis of controlling the affairs of state and society is considered the ideological underpinning of almost all modern Sunni-Islamic terror groups.

When discussing Hamas, Al Qaeda and Islamic Jihad, Richard Clarke, the chief counter-terrorism adviser on the U.S. National Security Council under Presidents Clinton and Bush, stated “The common link here is the extremist Muslim Brotherhood- all of these organizations are descendants of the membership and ideology of the Muslim Brothers;”additional reading here.

Back to the Playland, the Muslims became angered that park employees were enforcing the safety rules prohibiting the women from wearing their traditional head coverings known as hijabs on some rides.

Note: not all rides, some rides. Additionally, Parks officials met with MAS organizers prior to the event and “painstakingly” told them about the headgear ban.

In a Lower Hudson Valley online report, the ban was implemented about four years ago to keep hats and other head coverings from landing on tracks and derailing rides. Deputy Parks Commissioner Peter Tartaglia also noted, “It’s a safety issue on rides. If it’s a scarf, you could choke.”

Playland's policies, posted on its website, include: "All items and clothing must be appropriately secured while on a ride; some smaller items can be stored/secured in cargo pockets or waist pouches. Hats must be secured, and jackets/sweaters must be worn properly and not around the waist while on a ride. Some rides do not allow backpacks, purses or head gear of any kind."

In a NY Times report, Ola Salem, 17, of Coney Island, Brooklyn, was visiting with the group to celebrate the Muslim holiday and wasn’t able to go on a ride because of her head scarf. “They said no because of my “head gear,” Ms. Salem said. “I said, It’s not my head gear, it’s my religion.”

Ironically, the religious folks in the park did not see the sin of disrupting, rioting and failing to follow simple safety guidelines. This mindset is familiar with the adherents of Shariah Law and radical groups such as MAS and the Muslim Brotherhood that justify jihad and terror.

Ms. Salem demanded a supervisor and was presented with a list of rides that would require her to remove her scarf. More than a dozen of the park’s rides, she said, were on the list.

It went downhill from there. Tempers flared, MAS members became unruly, violent and even began to fight amongst themselves. Officers were injured, a large police response was required and the park was shut down for regular visitors. Fifteen people were arrested.

It defies logic and basic decency that anyone, especially a ‘religious’ group, would balk over an amusement park attempting to keep riders safe by prohibiting head scarves on rides. The officials at Rye Playland were so reasonable they didn’t implement a park wide policy of such a ban, but according to the one young Muslim lady…the park enforced this rule for only a dozen or so rides and presented a handout naming all the rides.

The officials even told the group’s leaders of the restrictions prior to their arrival!

Ahmed Jamil, who booked the event, said park guests should be allowed to wear what they choose on their heads. “Those machines,” he said, “they should design them to be safe enough.”

Astounding, but not surprising, that adherents of Shariah would demand and expect a Western facility to “design” amusement park machines in a way to prevent hijabs from flying off heads potentially causing a derailment or choking hazard for the wearer of such garb.

In the report, a couple of Muslims from Yonkers even had the gall to complain about the tax dollars spent on the police response…the police response to the riot caused by the Muslims.

In a report by The Daily Greenburgh, friends and family of the 12 men and three women who were arrested said they felt law enforcement had used unnecessary force and were disrespectful in how they treated the women.

Again more irony…the adherents of Shariah Law riot over safety rules and a perception of “disrespect for the women,” but not a peep from them when adherents of Shariah engage in the radical subjugation, mutilation and/or Islamic (dis)honor killings of women!

Before it went into riot mode, Rye Playland tried to offer full refunds in an attempt to de-escalate the situation (One can only wonder if an infidel would have been so accommodated). That was their second mistake, when radicals are appeased they are emboldened.

The first mistake was dealing with and negotiating with MAS.


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