Friday, July 16, 2010

Help Get the 911 Mega Mosque Site Landmarked: Action Alert

Part of plane that crashed into the WTC, careened into the roof of
the Burlington Coat Factory, crashing through bldg landing in basement.

photo: Atlas shrugs

Help Get the 911 Mega Mosque Site Landmarked: Action Alert

Help get the Burlington Building Landmarked!

Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs is tirelessly working on behalf of American values. Join Pam and the rest of patriotic Americans that understand the travesty and insult it is for the Cordoba House mega mosque to go up in the shadows of the World Trade Center.

The Landmark Preservation Commission will take your statements up until no later than Tuesday next week, by mail, email or fax. Contact info:

Mr. Robert B. Tierney, Chairman
Landmarks Preservation Commission
Municipal Building
One Centre Street, 9th Floor
NY, NY 10007

Phone 212 669 7817 -- public info officer and gets you a recorded announcement. 212 669 7855

The operator will direct your calls to the person you want to speak to.

Email: Use their ‘contact us’ link on their webpage for short emails:

Or Use or for long statements

Fax: 212 669 7960

The Commissioner announced that they will accept statements from all parties via any of the above means of contacting them.

Make sure you include the building address, 45 Park Place, The Burlington Building, in the subject line of your statement.

Request a 9/11 historic district be created that would include 45-47 Park Place as its first landmarked building in the new district. Please make a separate request for the creation of the historic district as well.

For background on how the Lower Manhattan Community Board sold their souls, read Ms. Geller’s post.

For background on the Cordoba Initiative and its president Imam Feisal Rauf, click here.

Note: Ms. Geller reminds us, the key points here are the historical, architectural & cultural significance of the site. Point out the significance of the Property in light of the 9/11 attacks, given the properties' proximity to Ground Zero and the fact that pieces of one of the planes landed in the building. It was part of the attack. The landing gear of one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center Towers flew into the Burlington Coat Factory building and fell through the roof to the basement. The fact that the committee ignores that fact is outrageous, and disrespects the victims of 911. [Emphasis my own]

The building's ironwork was crafted by the famous architect Daniel D. Badger, known also for his famous foundry and Architectural Ironworks. Continue reading Pam Geller’s content for more background, photos and relevance of the historical significance of Mr. Badger’s work in Manhattan.

Action Alert: Help Get the 911 Mega Mosque Site Landmarked

Help get the Burlington Building Landmarked!

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