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Col. Van T. Barfoot, 90, Wins Battle Against Virginia HOA to Fly the Flag

Medal of Honor Recipient Victorious in Battle Against Homeowners Association

AP Photo/Richmond Times-Dispatch, Eva Russo
Nov. 2: Col. Van T. Barfoot, 90, and his daughter Margaret Nicholls
lower the flag outside Barfoot's home in Henrico County, Va.

On Tuesday, December 01, the Sussex Square homeowners association (HOA) in Virginia threatened legal action against 90-year old Van T. Barfoot if he did not take down his flagpole from his yard by 5 p.m. Friday.

Barfoot noted that there is no provision in Sussex Square's rules that forbids erecting flagpoles. For the Barfoot family flying the American Flag is a cause worth fighting for.

Van T. Barfoot is a retired Army Colonel that bravely defended our Freedoms in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Col Barfoot is a recipient of the Medal of Honor and Purple Heart.

Col. Barfoot, while fighting during WWII in Carano, Italy, single-handedly destroyed a set of German machine gun nests, killed eight enemy soldiers, took 17 prisoners and stared down a tank before destroying it and killing its crew AND managed to move two of his wounded men 1,700 yards to safety. Col. Van T. Barfoot did all this in a single day!

The Sussex Square HOA refused to make an exception for this man.

Folks, this is an American story and should transcend partisan politics. Patriotism is not owned by any given Party. I have no idea how Col. Barfoot votes and quite frankly, I do not care. I do know that Barfoot is an American hero and an honored Defender of Freedom that deserves our respect and gratitude. Democratic Senators Warner and Webb agreed and championed the cause.

Veterans' groups rallied resulting in national media attention. Obama's spokesman called the HOA request "silly." For an excellent retelling of the colonel's heroics check out Mark Levin's commentary:

On December 08, it was reported that the Sussex Square HOA agreed to stop their legal action against Van T. Barfoot. The retired Army Colonel is now free to fly the Flag in his front yard.

This is reminiscent of the management of the Oaks Apartments in Oregon ordering the residents to stop displaying the American Flag on their apartments and/or vehicles, more on that here.

Col Van T. Barfoot at 90-years old is one of the oldest living World War II veterans who received the Medal of Honor; Barfoot is not alone in that distinction.

Please meet John William Finn who at 100-years old is our nation's oldest living Medal of Honor recipient and also the only living Pearl-Harbor-Day Medal of Honor recipient.

Click here for Col. Barfoot's Congressional Medal of Honor Citation.

Click here for Lieutenant John William Finn' story.


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