Friday, November 20, 2009

Is Barack Obama Anti-American?

Why aren't you angry?

Do you still believe the differences are simply about Democrats vs. Republicans? Wake up! Barack Obama transcends partisan politics. He is not simply a Democratic president, he is possibly, no not possibly, with out a doubt he is a radical, anti-American president hiding within the Democratic Party.

Did I lose you yet? Too hysterical? Toughen up, people, and look at what is going on. Do not listen to me; listen to the POTUS and those he surrounds himself with.

Patriotic Democrats should be pissed off more than anyone; it is that Party that was successfully hijacked by the radicals. Patriotic Democrats, stop defending this man. There is absolutely zero justification for the crap he is pulling.

Walk with me:

First: Healthcare

In this rich industrialized nation where billions of dollars are sent overseas, every American should receive healthcare. Call it a right, call it morally just, however the hell you label it, it should be done. Obamacare exploits the void.

Barack Obama is using those not insured, some of them my loved ones, as an excuse to ram this Marxist behemoth bill down our throats. Obamacare will harm Americans, not help them.

Why is he doing this? The devil is in the details. Harm the economy, redistribute wealth, acquire more governmental power, healthcare be damned it is simply the vehicle. Obama is counting on the gullible and emotional side of you to buy into his plan and then allow him to rebuild our nation... in his image.

The first casualties are our (a) soldiers, (b) women, and (c) elderly.

(a) Barack Obama restored the end of life manual for soldiers returning emotionally and physically scarred from war. Former President Bush eliminated this morally bankrupt manual, Obama resuscitated it.

The manual is billed to provide choices for our defenders of Freedom; hogwash, the manual was provided by an organization promoting euthanasia. Why? Because it is cheaper to kill the wounded than to treat them.

(b) No sooner than Obamacare passed the House by five freakin' votes a U.S. government panel commissioned to research quality healthcare recommended that women delay getting regular mammograms until age 50. This is in opposition of the American Cancer Society.

Not only does the federal panel desire to stop providing preventative screening for breast cancer they urge women to STOP performing SELF breast exams at home.

It doesn't stop at breast cancer screenings, it continues with screenings for cervical cancer!

On the heels of the federal panel, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist (ACOG) says women in their 20s can have a pap smear every two years, instead of annually.

I will spare you my own heartbreaking stories regarding the women I love because I am sure you have your own stories and can recognize the DANGERS here.

Why is this happening? Because it is cheaper to diagnose the cancer in the later stages and euthanize the victims as opposed to treat the cancer with expensive surgery and chemo.

(c) Obamacare will cut millions in Medicare, eliminate Medicare Advantage and reduce reimbursements to physicians, which will cause rationing. Obama openly questioned the value of the hip replacement surgery his own terminally ill grandmother received.

Obama's alternative care for the elderly is a PC effort to treat our grandparents like Old Yeller. It is not hysteria when it is said people will die because of Obamacare.

Folks, stop allowing Obama to exploit those less fortunate than us. Reject this anti-American healthcare bill and demand ADEQUATE healthcare reform. The Republicans were too weak to get it done, that doesn't mean we must settle for crap.

Additionally, if you choose not to insure yourself, you will be criminally penalized. For the first time in American history, you will be FORCED to buy a federally promoted product. We are one goosestep closer to losing our Freedoms.

Second: Terror trials in NYC

Obama's decision to bring 9/11 mastermind, Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM) who was captured ON THE BATTLEFIELD, to trial in NYC is simply a way to put us (America) on trial. It also gives a terrorist that wishes to destroy us a platform to spew his anti-American hate.

The Obamas and Wrights must be giddy that they are able to pull this off. Shameful! And shameful if the American people are still blind to Obama's antics.

Obama is breaking Patriotic & legal precedent to afford KSM with our Constitutional protection. Obama is doing so in the shadows of the WTC because Ground Zero is hallowed ground and this is how Obama can get away with spitting on it.

Just like Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones, William Ayers and so many of his surroundings, Obama must have bought into the notion that we are to blame for 9/11 and that the terrorists were justified.

KSM proclaimed his guilt and was willing to accept his fate (death penalty) at a military tribunal. Obama rejected that and desires a circus in Manhattan. Why is Obama risking life in prison or worse acquittal for KSM? The answer is obvious; Obama's choice is the Wright choice!

Folks, this is an American problem. While the latest terrorist was gunning down women & children at Fort Hood he wasn‘t asking how we voted, he was screaming “Allah Akubar.”

These are the people (terrorists) your president is urging us to use restraint for, while not passing judgment. This is the same president and administration that simply called Nidal Malik Hasan a “gunman” but easily labeled YOU “extremist” for complaining about radical policies.

Are you going to allow your ideology or blind partisanship to trump your Patriotism and/or common sense?

Americans unite! There is an enemy within our midst and he cares not that you are Republican or Democrat only that you allow him to "fundamentally transform the United States of America."



Shawn said...

On #1 I'm on board with you, on #2 I'm interested in wht he has to say, I wonder where his finger points.....where the help came from....

American Angle said...

How about "Death to America"? KSM's finger should be pointing down..the direction of hell..where he belongs.

He will shed as much light on the failures to thwart the 9/11 terror Zacarias Moussaoi did.

Mike Hatz said...

Like I said on AC, there is much need for all Americans, regardless of party affiliation, to be outraged, as this man (and those shadowy ones compelling him) are trying to turn this nation into everything it is supposed to stand against!

My grandmother and wife, BOTH DEMOCRATS, are very vocal about how sorry they are for voting for him, and are among the millions od Democrats wondering "what the hell is this guy doing?"

Well, I must say, Tony (my fellow 'terrorist'), most of what you say will still fall upon deaf ears, unfortunately, because to some Americans, this man can do no wrong.

Equally unfortunate is the bitter, angry folks who support what he is doing because they truly hate America and all she's supposed to stand for, in spite of what they say out loud (and I should know, for many, many years ago, I was just like them, except for the fact that I did not try to hide my feelings and contempt at all).