Sunday, July 12, 2009

What's In Your Water

By Tony Vega

Early 1993, Milwaukee, Wisconsin had the largest waterborne-disease outbreak (WBDO) ever documented in the United States.

During this time frame two outbreaks of cryptosporidiosis occurred in large metropolitan areas, Milwaukee and Las Vegas/Clark County, and were associated with deaths among immunocompromised persons. The waterborne nature of these two outbreaks was not recognized until at least 2 weeks after the onset of the Milwaukee outbreak and until after the end of the Las Vegas outbreak. [1]

In Milwaukee, cattle were suspected to be the cause of the WBDO. It was theorized that melting snow from a local farm carried cow feces into the water supply. For approximately 10-years there was no definitive answer for the outbreak....until now.

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Justice Lives Not said...

Like I said on your other AC piece, it truly is a daily leap of faith every time you turn the tap and fill the glass. I spent almost 10 hours in the garden today fixing my crops and installing erosion control because of the bad storm we had last night. It was 90+degrees most of the day, and I drank gallons of water. It can be a terrifying thought when it comes to what I might've been thoughtlessly putting into my body today; but yet, I am still alive and well!

F.A. said...

Gee, thanks - scare the hell outta everybody