Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lucia Whalen, Gates' 911 Caller Speaks Out

By Tony Vega

The below embedded video is a display of what your post-racial president reduced an American citizen to. Of all the parties involved in this ugly incident that deserves an apology and a drink it is Lucia Whalen.

Sgt. Crowley is a seasoned officer with thick skin; dealing with arrogant racial profiling professors is tame compared to what a cop may face. Granted being called out by the POTUS is not a routine result of answering 911 calls, but very well may be if the handlers do not reign in Obama. Don't forget folks, for over 20-years the POTUS sat in the pew of one of America's most popular racist, Jeremiah Wright.

Supporters of Gates have excoriated the 911 caller by wrongly accusing her of racism. The 911 transcript clearly shows how color blind she is, you can view that transcript here.

The danger of Obama's & Gates' racial profiling of Sgt. Crowley, because you see folks a white police officer must fit the description of a racist in the POTUS' & professor's viewpoint, is to create and continue apathy among otherwise decent citizens.

The treatment of Lucia Whalen, which was furthered by the POTUS, also creates and further divides race relations in America.

This alleged post-racial president impeded the forward progress of race relations in America. Way to go Barack Obama, way to go.

With out further adieu, I introduce Lucia Whalen:

Gates' 911 Caller Speaks Out 3:59


charlie said...

The President of the United States has nothing better to do than get involved in this? Give me a break, How about getting our men and women of the armed forces out of Iraq. Where are his priorities?

Sheryl Young said...

Good article and link. Not only white people are capable of being racists. Chances are, if the policeman were black, Obama never would have called him stupid without having all the facts first. But overall, a president should never call policemen stupid. How much more can you undermine a city's local protectors?

Anonymous said...

Whalen the whiner needs to get over it.

Racist and overly sensitive cop, Crowley, should apologize for throwing an old man in jail for speaking in his own home, for writing a false report (Whalen never mentioned "two black men with backpacks," and for wasting taxpayers' money for this debacle.

Obama should never have retracted the "stupidly" remark - it is an accurate description of a lying, racist cop.

Gates is the one who truly suffered.

American Angle said...

Dear anonymous, which is typical of those like you,

Lucia Whalen is over it. It is race-arsonists and delusional folks such as your ilk that drags her in it...following her about, camping on her front lawn, hurling epithets and threats at her.

The sad thing is this great nation is being hijacked by the ignorant & the radical..those of your mentality.

This nation will once again overcome the dregs of society that are currently dragging us down.

Anonymous said...

Angle barks like a paranoid dog in the sun. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Angle is ugly!

Anonymous said...

Get over it wailing, whining Lucia Whalen! GET OVER IT Y'ALL!

VOR said...

This is a good article..but will the race baiters apologize or simply shut-up? Nope, as some of your more stupid readers indicate.

It looks like you got yourself an angry lib on your's prob. confused by logic...and don't know his way out..