Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Aren't the American People Sick Of It?

Sent in by that Great American, AGB

IMAGINE! This guy is teaching, I mean, PROPAGANDIZING, your children...and you and the American taxpayer is paying for it all. Geez!

Everything is RACE to these characters. All Roads Lead to Rome...er, I mean...to RACE.

And I ask of whites and Orientals and others...why are YOU so afraid to speak about RACE when it is not you who raised the race issue in the first place and you are not guilty of bias?

Why are you not DIRECTLY confronting the racialists who are using the system AGAINST you as they pick your pockets? It is not you, who are the racists. THEY ARE THE RACISTS! Wake up!

Why do I say it is THEY, and not YOU, who are the racists?

BECAUSE THEY RAISE THE RACE ISSUE EACH AND EVERY TIME! That is why. They are the ones who want to manipulate and rip off the system BECAUSE of racial beefs, mostly imagined, most of which do not even exist. That does not mean that all beefs do not exist. Most however do not.

Turns out Gates is just another idiot (literally) and con man. An idiot because he and his partisans actually believe we cannot see through his act. He, like his partisan defenders, and his president, have provably BAD JUDGMENT based on false assumptions. This scam is just one among many.

And if you read the police reports you'll find that likely Gates PROVOKED the whole thing. In other words, he is like the rest of the racial arsonists...a seething HATER...SCAMMING the system to ENRICH themselves...to get publicity...and predeterminedly to SUE the municipality to MAKE money off YOU!...the taxpayer....for himself.

Why one might ask, are these people like this, why do they behave the way they do? I say, a huge inferiority complex is at the core of it all and the ENTITLEMENT mentality. They are entitled to the wealth of the system...and to YOUR money.

Affirmative action got him into Yale. Not competitive test scores or scholarship. He scored LOWER than the fellow/lady who got rejected.

Of course, Gates got in at the cost of keeping a legitimate and intelligent white or Oriental student out. Gates got to where he is BECAUSE of racial politics...without which he'd be a nobody. He is a phony, a phake, and a phraud!

Note the next video. Savage has a higher education than Gates, two PhDs...and not a result of affirmative action...and he speaks directly and honestly (unlike that worm Gates)...listen to the whole tape and decide for yourself and read the police report below:


Anonymous said...

You're a racist pig

American Angle said...

It is typical of cowards to hide behind anonymity, to throw their rocks from hidden stations.

Your way is scant & temporary. The truth and RIGHT will win this nation back from the radicals and their apologists.

Stick with your drive bye insults...your president will be proud.

Anonymous said...

I would be interested to find out what part of my reasoning Anonymous had an objection to. Where does he perceive racism in my statement, or the lack of logic in any part of it -- meaning the connecting of the dots of the subject's intent -- and where does he/she NOT see the racism in the behavior of the professor and the President afterward?

I find that once a truth, so obvious to a deconstructionist good at what he does reaches the mind of the LCD (lowest common denominator), the knees start jerking every which way but loose. The response is predictably unreasonable, irrational, spiteful, very stupid, and always useless.

VOR said...

Hey, TV do you think it's the racist guy from your other site?

Bravo AGB! I know this site has much respect for your writings.