Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Election Is Over

By Tony Vega

As a Patriot, I will always put country first. I love my country more than the contempt I have for any of her temporary leaders. The office of the presidency is worthy of our respect, regardless of who occupies it. I will support and pray for our leaders; hoping they have and receive the proper guidance and wisdom to lead this great nation.

With that said, I will remain a watchdog and continue to respond when politicians trespass upon our Freedoms. Barack Obama has a terrific record of failed policies; from housing, the economy, national defense, and a camp filled with anti-Americans.

52% of American voters did not care about those things and elected him into office. I now have a clearer understanding of Jim Jones' influence over the lost. Obama's intelligence is certainly not in doubt; therefore, I hope his on the job training will be successful.

Obama's first decision to appoint another radical as his chief of staff provides a glimpse that Obama refuses to shed his radical ties. Why should he? My fellow Americans already proved that Obama's ties do not choke. Perhaps there were enough Freedom loving leaders with integrity, prior to the new pro-Soros/anti-Bush referendum, to have established enough safeguards preventing the nation from being entirely hijacked.

The fact that 52% of American voters, ACORN operatives, and Hamas controlled Gaza Strip residents supported Barack Hussein Obama doesn't negate the ugly facts about the president-elect. I will remain vigilant and equipped with the anecdote to the kool-aid.

We will declare victory in Iraq, no thanks to Obama-Biden. Our economy will turn around no thanks to Obama-Biden. Obama-Biden was complicit in the economic downturn by doing nothing and taking handouts from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac operatives.

Obama was too much of a rookie to actually vote for or against the Iraq war, but Biden wasn't. Biden voted against the first Gulf war and then voted for the Iraq war and the devil is in the details. Biden wanted to suppress Iraqi freedom by subjugating Iraqis into a tri-sectioned country.

Obama-Biden was against the very policy to rescue our Defenders of Freedom from defeat in Iraq by opposing the surge; they actually wanted to continue Bush's stats quo. Remember the guy with the cojones and vision to stand up to Bush's failed policies? Yep, he lost.

Historic significance is not lost on me and I've written about it during the DNC events. What is more important to me is not history merely for history sake, according to Biden that is the only reason why he accepted the VP selection, but the merit of such events.

I have always been colorblind so I don't see the first African-American president I see possibly the first Anti-American president. The historic president-elect also happens to be not qualified, not experienced, and exercised many years of poor judgment counter to America's interests. We couldn't find a worthy politician to lead us, black or white?

Regardless, I will support the president in the face of our enemies both domestic and foreign. Will the new president do the same for us? Time will tell and I desire his success if his purpose is in the best interest of this nation. I will even take the mourning band off my flag pin and help the new president in his endeavors to protect this nation...from his friends.

God Bless America.

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I'm right there with you!