Monday, November 24, 2008

2009 Presidential Calendar

By Tony Vega

Did you get yours? I received one today via email.

Martin Luther King on the same pages as Barack Hussein Obama? Sacrilege. There are 11 more months of the same and March featured the Kennedy brothers. I'll spare my fellow Patriots the travesty of such images. The calendar concludes with December 2009 and the words, "Free at last, free at last! Thank God Almighty, we're free at last!"

It is highly unlikely that MLK would have supported Obama. MLK was conservative and desired Freedom, equality, and shunned the radical oppressive tenets of Obama's policies and friends.

Free at last? MLK must be rolling over.

Here's a Free brother:
YouTube - a Random Rant

Many of you think that MLK would have been happy to witness an Obama presidency. Well, obviously we can't speak for the man (MLK), but history does reveal an icon that is substantive and Freedom loving; the opposite of Barack Obama. To state that MLK would have been happy merely for the historical significance is an indication that we still haven't learned much.

History for history sake...we could have elected any black guy for that matter. Why not Cool Breeze from the corner? He certainly understands about dispensing pharmaceutical aids to those in need, he certainly understands about the far reaching tentacles of law enforcement, the benefits of eliminating the Rockefeller drug laws, the benefits of abortion...hell, in his hood he is fully aware of the poor misfortunate mothers that sell their babies for narcotics, obviously he understands the need for a better prescription plan than what we have..

If we are lucky, we may get the same socialized medical care that Canada enjoys. Ladies can trust the liberals regarding delayed treatment for breast cancer. Well, here's one Canadian Liberal that didn't: MP Stronach went to U.S. for cancer treatment

Oh...if we are really lucky maybe we can get the same medical care as Cuba...

Cuban Hospital

I hear Castro gives his people wonder why NO ONE risks their lives to flee to the evil USA.

Ahh... but Barack Obama is Ivy League educated....and speaks so well... and according to his VP selection, he is also clean. Is that a rarity for a brother? See first video: Barack Obama Chooses Joseph Biden as VP Candidate

Do you now who else speaks very well? The hot guy with a forked tongue. He articulated the glory of enlightened knowledge to a lady named Eve. I wonder if he would give Chris Matthews a thrill up the leg. Do you know who else inspired many with promises of redistribution of wealth and undefined change? Just about every socialistic, Marxist, despot.

Many of the lost also compare Obama to JFK. It would be laughable if not so sad. Unless we are referring to credible ties to thugs...but of course we are not...for those negative associations are not to be acknowledged if it relates to a Democrat. So then, we must be speaking of Patriotism, service, valor; foreign concepts to Barack Hussein Obama. Oh, you didn't get the memo? We are allowed to utilize the man's full name now.

JFK went out of his way to defend the Freedoms of this country. He didn't protest this nation's flag like the 2008 president-elect did. JFK was denied entry into the Army because of back problems. JFK used his connections to enlist NOT to avoid military service as Bill Clinton [endearingly referred to as the "first Black president"] did.

JFK went on to see action in WW 2. His PT-109 was rammed and sunk by a Japanese Destroyer. JFK was thrown across the deck, injuring his already bad back. In spite of his injuries, JFK swam and physically towed a wounded man to an island and later to a second island where his crew was subsequently rescued. JFK earned medals and accolades for his heroics, service, and Patriotism. To compare Barack Obama to JFK is shameful.

What was Obama's service to his nation and/or community? ACORN, Woods Fund with a domestic terrorist, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge with a domestic terrorist; putting forth failed, corrupt, and radical policies.

If anyone is like JFK in regards to service it would be the fella that lost; John McCain. But how would a pop culture addicted nation know this? And what the heck? It's history dude; the only reason why Obama's VP selection accepted the appointment in the first place. Biden begged not to be asked but said he would only do it for the "first African-American" president. History for the sake of history.

Check out fifth video: Barack Obama Chooses Joseph Biden as VP Candidate. Sad, no merit, no substance....just blind emotion and calculative selfishness.

Biden, Clinton, and many Democrats endorsed McCain! And then abandoned sensible reason. Why? Ideology and self-perseverance trumped Patriotism. These demagogues will never put country first. See videos 2, 3, and 4: Barack Obama Chooses Joseph Biden as VP Candidate

Do you folks really need to be reminded that not ALL history is GOOD history?

What path are you on?

Rails to Auschwitz

Remember not ALL history is GOOD history.

Yes, that is an image of Bull Connor and his Police dogs. And yes, Bull Connor was a Democratic politician and elected in 1960 as the DNC man for Alabama.

History for the sake of history.

Be mindful of the dangers of blindly and emotionally playing Follow the Leader. It is more than a game.

History is usually interesting and always relevant.

Jim Jones

And his people:

Jim Jones' Kool-aid killed nearly a thousand.

The Kool-aid being dispensed currently has the potential to poison an entire nation.

The truth is the anecdote.


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Very Good!! But the truth would be denied and the author deemed a mean republican.

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I am so with you on that one!!