Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Opening Day: DNC 2008

August 25, 2008

By Tony Vega for Associate Content

The highlights of the 2008 Democratic National Committee Convention were the inspiring appearances by Ted Kennedy and the family moment with the Obamas. The speeches were flat, which is a good thing. The convention was top heavy with radicals Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Jesse Jackson Jr, Ted Kennedy, and Michelle Obama. For it to go off without a hitch is a testament to Democratic discipline.

I am not a Kennedy but I was insulted when Caroline compared Barack Obama to her dad JFK. Note to my daughters; do not compare me to a man that warmly surrounds himself with domestic and foreign terrorists, no matter how inspiring. Barack Obama may share a similar JFK platform, but Obama's inspiration is more comparable to Jim Jones than to a president.

Barack Obama's prominence is the byproduct of those suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome and in dire search of a fix; do not confuse this with greatness. Do you remember the crack epidemic of the 80's? That drug influenced the upper crust of our society to the bowels of civilization. The nation survived that and we shall overcome yet again.

Ted Kennedy's appearance showed true grit, true grit that had nothing to do with politics. The strength of the human spirit was on full display when that cancer fighter mustered the strength to walk on that stage after a painful trip to an area hospital prior to his national appearance. Kudos to the man's strength!

The opening bell was rung by Party boss Howard Dean. His appearance alone is a distraction and he reeks of gutter politics rife with racial-arson and hate. The morning of the convention in Denver, Mr. Dean gave a ridiculous interview on the Morning Joe, a talk show on MSNBC. Dean compared the Republicans to Slobodan Milosevic.

HotAir.com listed some memorable comments by the head loon, Howard Dean. For your discernment and enjoyment I include two of them here; "“I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for” and a month later, “This is a struggle between good and evil and we're the good.” - Quotes by the Democratic National Committee boss.

Nancy Pelosi gave a whispering speech pandering to Hillary supporters. Present are many Hillary supporters that believe Hillary Clinton was, and still is, a viable presidential candidate and was thrown under the bus by Pelosi and Dean for The Chosen One. Insult to injury is the 18 million votes that Hillary earned being dismissed by Obama when he chose Biden as VP. Biden garnered approximately 9,000 votes. Agent of change indeed.

Michelle Obama's speech was a scripted attempt at humanizing the Obamas. They even pushed the envelope with including the line "that's why I love my country." A clear attempt to try and cancel out her past unpatriotic comments. Did it work? To those in the Obama camp of course it did. It is a bit too early to determine if the Michelle speech will add to the Obama bounce.

The potential of a negative response is there. Many may believe the "I love my country" line coming from Michelle Obama is as sincere as her husband showing up wearing a flag pin. Contrived? Political expedience? Depending on your answer come and see this New York kid about a bridge spanning the east river.

I'm going to run now it is the second day of the convention and Hillary Clinton is about to saunter on the stage. I wonder if the Obama people have successfully sequestered the P.U.M.A. and Just Say No Deal folks vowing to support John McCain over Barack Obama. These folks are life long Democrats and are willing to cross party lines as a result of the Pelosi, Dean, and Obama shenanigans.

Don't forget folks, Nancy Pelosi has a much lower rating than George Bush.

Chelsea is introducing her Mom, Hillary Rodham Clinton for day two of the DNC 2008.

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