Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lost Boy of Sudan and Current Team Darfur Athlete Lopez Lomong

President Bush and Lopez Lomong, 2008 opening ceremony Beijing Olympics

By Tony Vega

The name "Lost Boys of Sudan" was given by aid organizations that helped resettle Sudanese refugees to the US. The Lost Boys of Sudan are more than 27,000 boys who were displaced or orphaned during the Second Sudanese Civil War, in which approximately 2 million were killed. Many of the boys, predominately Christian, were fleeing persecution by Muslims. When villages were attacked, girls were raped, killed, taken as slaves, became servants, or displaced to other families. Relatively few girls made it to the refugee camps.[1]

Beijing has helped Sudan build its own factories to manufacture small arms and ammunition, the real weapons of mass destruction in the Islamic campaign of ethnic cleansing. Chinese-built helicopter gun-ships reportedly operate from airfields maintained by the Chinese oil companies.[2]

Lopez Lomong was one of the Lost Boys of Sudan. He was resettled in the United States through Catholic Charities with Robert and Barbara Rogers, in New York State. A year after becoming an American citizen, Lopez was selected as the US flag bearer at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

On January 1, 1985, Lopepe Lopez Lomong was born in a small village in Southern Sudan. At age six, Lomong and other children were abducted by a government-backed militia as they attended Catholic Mass in the southern village of his birthplace.[3]

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