Monday, August 11, 2008

Analysis: McCain's Ad Campaign

By Tony Vega

The thought of an inexperienced Barack Obama leading the free world because of his Britney Spears and Paris Hilton celebrity like status (short on substance, independent thought, and skirt) is not that important to a pop culture addicted nation.

Key issue points were lost by the cameo of air-headed celebutards. YouTube - Celeb. Paris Hilton responded with her own video mocking McCain. (Payback is a...well, you know the rest. I'll save it for Ludicrous to finish the phrase).The ironic thing is Paris' energy plan seems to be more substantive than Obama's plan. McCain's campaign picked up on that as well.

Another McCain ad "The One" concludes with the announcement that "He (Obama) may be the one" (that is a concession, albeit factitious) "But is he ready to lead?" Well, obviously, if he is "The One" he is ready to lead...based merely on being "The One." Who writes this stuff?

A couple of weeks ago the McCain campaign aired an ad titled "Obama Love." It displayed how the media is obviously in the tank for Obama. The ad featured clips of media personalities fawning over Obama, "journalists," and pundits, some in tears, and some disturbingly describing a thrill running up his leg. These praises ran the full length of the ad. Is Rick Davis secretly working for the Obama campaign?

The point of how unwarranted and nauseating these Obama accolades are will be lost on many. It will certainly reinforce what the Obamaphiles are saying about their chosen one. Is McCain's ad campaign fumbling? They can recover with a firmer grip on the following issues:

The Energy crisis, the Economy crisis, National security (which doesn't start and end with Iraq & Afghanistan), Health Care, and Patriotism. That's right Patriotism, a concept that should be dear to ALL Americans; A concept that every American should demand in a presidential candidate.

Let's skip Chris Matthews' pathetic man crush that he has on a rookie Senator spewing empty rhetoric. Instead, talk about awe-inspiring emotions one derives from the accounts of fellow Americans that has fought and is fighting to sustain and promote Freedom. Let us remember the meaningful words from leaders inspiring us after 9/11 and how we remained indivisible.

Remind us that Patriotism is not a fleeting thing. Remind us that our symbols are not to be tampered with and NOT to be protested. Protesting our symbols is not a valid form of dissent regardless if you have the right to do so- it is an abuse of that precious right. A hallmark of Freedom is to express a dissenting point of view, but it should never be OK to turn your back on our flag-for it is that symbol, whether flying high or adorned upon your chest, that represents what is great about this nation. Any dissent should be in furtherance of that greatness with allegiance to the flag.

McCain supporters and donors would be better served, more importantly the nation would be better served, if the Obama fantasy videos stop and McCain's campaign starts showing Reality TV. Show images of what this nation would look like if we again fall asleep and move away from the mantra of Never Forget! Show images of what will occur if we don’t stop our dependency on foreign oil, what this nation will look like if we don’t secure our borders, if we don’t succeed in Iraq, if we don’t adequately protect ourselves against radical Islam and elements vying to destroy us.

Show the American people what happens to a store after giving all the contents away, Show that redistribution of wealth is a mere goosestep away from tyranny, show the failed policies of earmarks, not enough spending cuts, not cutting taxes. Let's show Americans what health care really looks like in Cuba! You can see a sample of that here and here.

Hey John, Instead of replaying (glorifying) the Jim Jones like following for Obama and flashing images of Obama’s ridiculous campaign logos, show America the REALITY behind those slogans. Stop with the cute tongue in cheek crap! Use the ammo you have- the truth.

Inform the American people that repeating Obama's chant of "Yes We Can" & "Si, Se Puede!" is not emulating Bob the Builder or a peace loving farm worker from the 70's, but used to inspire present day radical illegal immigrants; Illegal immigrants that rally in this country waving Che Guevara signs, demanding the same rights of those that do respect our flag and National Anthem.

Show the tragic results that Che's Marxist and Guerilla revolutionaries produced! Obama's early influences and late influences share the same ideology that shaped the movements of Che Guevara and his ilk. The E. coli and Salmonella outbreaks are desirable compared to the movements produced by Obama's heroes.

It is not an accident that Obama baptized his children in a church that taught anti-American values. It was not beyond Obama’s intelligence or sight that this place of worship embraced racist theology and Islamic extremists.

It was much more than "inappropriate" that a Texas campaign HQ of Obama's had a Cuban flag emblazoned with Che Guevara's image on display, note there aren't any Bob the Builder images in that office. It is not a coincidence that Obama AND his affiliates don't respect America's flag, or her people. It is a sign, it is evidence of Obama's sustained subversive ideals and why he attracts such fringe elements.

Show the American people what Obama's latest logo really means. It is not just a silly looking Flavor Flav emblem to be worn around the neck. It is a bastardization of the Seal of the President of the United States, which is based on the Great Seal of the United States, it is changing an American Motto (a legal one and long honored); E. Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One). Obama threw out...or rather overthrew the American Motto with, “Vero Possumus” (roughly translated to “Yes We Can”) Che would be so proud.

Let us not engage in smear tactics. No, merely spread the truth. Yes we can!


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