Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pentagon Hit By Missile....

The 9-11 conspiracy theorists remind us that there was nothing left of the plane that hit the granite walls of the Pentagon. Of course, this assertion is not true. Engines were recovered from the lawn that were sheared off by lamp posts and some fuselage parts and wheels were found -- and photographed. But most of the plane disintegrated.

Note that granite is FAR harder than concrete. In other words, FAR stronger.

But the jetliner was also far larger than the fighter jet used in this experiment, much heavier, and carried a lot of jet fuel.

In any event, if one denies what happens when a 500 MPH jet hits an immovable barrier, here he can see for himself.

Conspiracy theorists: You've got it wrong, once again. The 9-11 Pentagon attack culminated more or less exactly how you see it here and how the 9-11 Commission described it. -- AGB

It's an Air Force engineering test of a concrete barrier that was to surround a nuclear reactor dome, to see if it would indeed survive an aerial attack. With the high speed cameras rolling, they attached an F-4 Phantom to the sled and then pumped up the speed to 500 MPH. And... "What happens when an 'Unstoppable Force' meets an 'Immovable Object'?" Watch in slow motion as the F-4 turns to vapor. You'll play it more than once just to believe it.

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