Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Enough Already

Please folks take a look at these images, read the story...and then get your sons haircuts.

Two Suspects Charged in UNC Killing - AOL News

While our enemies across the globe are teaching their sons how to kill us...

We are teaching our sons what ear to put his earring in & if we are not sure..what the hell wear 'em in both ears.

While our enemies are teaching their sons respect and proficiency in be used against us..

We are allowing our boys to carry "gats" out of holsters and use them to steal from & kill fellow Americans.

While our enemies are teaching their sons self discipline.

We are teaching our boys how to braid their hair!

I'm not suggesting we raise our sons in an al-Qaeda like training camp.

I'm suggesting we raise our sons to grow up to be MEN. Men willing to have self discipline, men willing to have the courage and fortitude to refrain from selling narcotics on street corners or killing fellow Americans for their selfish pursuits. And to raise our sons to be man enough to reject vile acts that destroys families and communities.

When we have American men with such attributes, our enemies won’t have a chance to deny us our basic Human rights of Life and Freedom.

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