Monday, March 31, 2008


"Why is it that on June 4th 1967 I was a Jordanian and overnight I became a Palestinian?"- Walid Shoebat, former Jiahdist and admitted terrorist.

There never was a Palestinian State, a Palestinian culture, a Palestinian history, Palestinian currency, Palestinian architecture, or Palestinian archeology. There WAS a Jewish commonweal on the land known as the West Bank and part of Syria and Iraq 1500 years before the birth of Jesus. Jesus never heard of Palestinian Arabs. Nowhere are Palestinian Arabs mentioned in the Bible. Nor did his disciples ever hear of a Palestinian culture.

The reason is that the Palestinian "identity" and recent history is all fabrication. It is a political creation not to accept the League of Nations' international division of the Ottoman Empire which gave 80% of the former Palestine Territories to create the State Jordan to Palestinian Arabs...and incorporated the rest, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc.

The Palestinian issue is a political device not to accept any other but a Muslim State in the mid east, and to take -- steal -- the remaining 20% of the land that was throughout history, Jewish. Jewish before the birth of Islam itself. I speak of Israel. Put another way, the Arabs want not one, but two Palestinian States, since they already had one, 80% of the former Palestinian Territories, since before World War II !

In other words, today Arabs can live wherever they choose to in the mid east; but Jews and Christians cannot. 300,000 Arabs left Israel during the Arab-Israeli wars. 800,000 Jews were kicked out of Arab lands during the same period and all their property taken. No one talks about the second.

The Jews were resettled by Israel within Israel. These Jews have been completely integrated into Israeli society. The so-called Palestinian Arabs were forced into refugee camps by the Arab rulers of the surrounding nations so they can continue to be political pawns for over 60 years and be used specifically for political purposes to destroy the only historical, democratic, free and legitimate state in the region: Israel.

What you've read so far in the media are lies. What you read above is the accurate historical truth.

Andrew G. Benjamin

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