Monday, February 4, 2008

Open Letter to Conservatives

By Tony Vega for

Monday, February 04, 2008

Now is the time to unite. As we approach crunch time, it behooves us to strengthen our resolve. Recent salvos against Senator John McCain and former Governor Mitt Romney only serves to fulfill the prophecy of “divide and conquer.”

Despite what Ann Coulter and the rest of her millionaire talk show entertaining colleagues spew, McCain is not the same as or worse than the opposition.

The fact that Ms. Coulter claims she will vote for Hillary over McCain reveals how disingenuous she is, not how Liberal John McCain is. Please folks, don’t be easily led.

No matter how often the mistruths are repeated, and the sheep will bleat it, it doesn’t make it so. Turn the pages for yourselves and your own edification.

Listen, this is not an endorsement for McCain-not at all!

This is a request, from one conservative to another, for objectivity regarding our Republican candidates vying for the nomination. One of them will obviously earn it and it is in our best interest to rally behind that nominee. Why? Because ANY Republican nominee will be better than the Hillary and or Obama ticket.

Now is not the time to tear our party apart. Yes, we may argue the negative and finer points of our favorite candidate. Discourse and an open exchange of ideas is a wonderful thing in a Free society.

During such discourse, ladies and gentlemen, let us not shoot ourselves in the foot and gift-wrap the election to Hillary/Obama, as the Coulters and Limbaughs of the world are dangerously close to doing. There is evidence out there folks that these mouthpieces are not looking out for us. Not to wander into the land of conspiracy theorists, but did you just blindly think they were looking out for us and their vitriol wasn’t simply for their own personal gain? This letter is not the proper venue for such disclosures; we’ll save that for another post.

Again, this posting is not an endorsement for one candidate over another. My angle is simply unity and to garner adequate support for the Republican nominee and help propel that candidate to the White House.

While we are busy destroying viable candidates, the opposition is narrowing their divide. They will walk over the ashes of our implosion. Where will that walk take them? To the Oval office.

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