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Did McCain Win Over Conservative Critics With CPAC Speech?

Did McCain Win Over Conservative Critics With CPAC Speech?

Reservations about any politician including John McCain are understandable. I can appreciate the dissent, but can any of McCain’s detractors list any positive qualities of their candidate of choice?

Many Conservatives are ticked off because McCain drafted some Liberal bills and as a result want to hand over the nation to Obama or Clinton. I guess there really is no reasoning with that logic.

Even Mitt Romney understands, and this was evident in his eloquent concession speech.” If I fight on in my campaign, all the way to the convention, I would forestall the launch of a national campaign and make it more likely that Senator Clinton or Obama would win. And in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign, be a part of aiding a surrender to terror," Romney told the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. Those, ladies and gentlemen, were the words of a Patriot.

Who's complaining the most about McCain? Radio talk show hosts, the ACLU, and the Washington establishment, that's who.

Fact: Romney's company Bain Capital acquired Clear Channel Communications (CCU). News talk stations owned by CCU usually have a standard slate of hosts. The morning show is usually local, with other time- slots filled by local and syndicated hosts. Programs that appear on many Clear Channel talk stations include Glenn Beck Program, The Rush Limbaugh Show, Dr. Laura, and Coast to Coast AM, all of which are affiliated with Premiere Radio Networks in some fashion. The Sean Hannity Show, The Savage Nation, The Mark Levin Show and Dave Ramsey. Clear Channel Communications - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Coincidence that so many of these hosts threw McCain under the bus?

Check out this analysis from someone not working for a Bain Capital subsidiary or part of the old Washington establishment: Analysis: John McCain

Have you forgotten?

Are you ready to allow a man with very questionable ties, some of which that can be linked to radical Islam, lead our nation?

Fact: Obama's self described "close confidant", "advisor (political and religious)", "sounding board", and man that keeps his "moral compass calibrated" embraced and gave the racist Nation Of Islam leader Farrakhan, his church's highest honor! Obama's Church Honor's Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan

Are you willing to let Clinton run this nation? With her ugly ties to the Chinese Army, and the selling of U.S. secrets for campaign contributions? Do you remember the Chinese criminals Trie and Wang Jun? Jun was the chairman of CITIC, the chief investment arm of the PRC, and Poly Technologies (a "front company for the PRC military"that was later charged with smuggling 2,000 AK-47s into the U.S.), he attended a White House "coffee" with President Clinton. Did you forget "Chinagate", the Clintons crimes that were far worse than the Lewinsky scandal? 1996 United States campaign finance controversy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

How about the serious crimes that the Clintons escaped, crimes that jeopardized our national security?

Thanks primarily to the Clintons, America’s new vulnerability to nuclear attack is a reality now not merely in respect to China, but vis-à-vis every rogue state that China has chosen to arm. Along with Russia, China is the chief proliferator of nuclear, missile, and satellite technologies to other governments. The governments it has chosen to benefact in this way are notorious stockpilers of biological and chemical weapons. Among them are the most dangerous and dedicated enemies of the United States: Iraq, Iran, and Syria.

FrontPage Magazine

Have you forgotten?

The critics are complaining about an American war hero with unquestionable Patriotism and an obvious love for this country. The critics are complaining about a man that understands how to manage our national defense. Complaints are fine and even welcomed. However, it is disgusting how so many detractors personally attack this war hero. What did he do? He arguably brokered weak bi-partisan bills in an attempt to better the country. Some of his ideas were mis-guided at best. Many of those bills that are criticized are actually in line with core conservative beliefs. The two opening sentences of this paragraph CAN ONLY be applied to John McCain. An attempt to apply it to the opposition will fail.

Here's a nauseating quote on a media darling: "let me tell you something about Barack Obama, if your actually in the room when he gives one of those speeches and you don't cry, you're not American"-Chris Matthews, MSNBC. What won’t be discussed is his abysmal Senatorial voting record, or his questionable radical connections.

Since many of you are so willing to embrace and forgive the opposition simply by the silver of their tongue. Perhaps, you can give Senator John McCain half of that consideration.

Why not start by reading his eloquent speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference: John McCain's CPAC Speech

Never Forget!

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