Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Amazing Democrats

FOX News last night assembled a room full of Democrats to poll them and ask for whom they will be voting -- and why?

We heard various opinions about what they "like" about Hillary or Obama and what they don't like about each candidate.

When it came to the "what?," rather than the why, the Democrats had no answer - not one!

When they were asked to raise their hands to name a single accomplishment Obama or Hillary achieved, not one could name an achievement.

In other words, the Democrats have provided us with a deeper look into the Left's serious lack of seriousness, who told the viewers that what they "felt" to be important is in actuality more important than what is. In short, what is important is not what the candidate will do and have a record of accomplishments as proof of the ability "to do" -- for example unite this nation which is serious need of uniting -- but what they appear to be.

HOPE and CHANGE are the code words for nothing.

"No Blood for Oil" was the code word for taking construction materials to the building site by donkey.

I've said for a long time that the Democrats have no plan, no solution, and no clue.

There is apparently a left-brain/right brain dichotomy between the logical outlook of rational people and the emotional and irrational response of others. A good speech rather than concrete accomplishment is evidence of competence.

That is, for the Left, you make fiscal policy on what you feel; you fight wars, or discontinue wars, because of what you "feel." If it feels right, you do it; if it feels wrong you reverse course. If it feels good, it IS good. There are benefits without costs. Actions without consequences. There are free lunches and no one pays.

And what you "feel" is either based on false information (propaganda is aimed at people to manipulate "feelings"), on myths, historical revisionism, and former biases. We might look beyond all that, to the very base, the primitive, the unexamined life...much of the world that is.

Isn't it ironic then, that the liberal community "feels" more affinity toward the Islamofascists who would kill them first (because the Islamofascists hate the secular the most), than to the American religious, whom the Islamofascists hate much less, having some things in common with them. It is no coincidence that many of the myths about America, Bush, capitalism, imperialism, Truthers, conspiracy theories, etc., are shared by the Left and the Islamists alike!

Again, we are reminded of Mark Twain, who observed: "They make much of "feeling" and mistake it for thinking."

Andrew G. Benjamin

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