Monday, January 28, 2008

The rockets to nowhere: a little NON-revisionist history in pictures

The rockets to nowhere: a little NON-revisionist history in pictures

Compilation by Andrew Benjamin

Posted by Tony Vega for AmericanAngle

Did YOU ever hear of this "fence" that has kept Palestinians out of.....No, not Israel.....but....


Front Loader Destroying Wall

Jan. 23: Palestinians cross the border into Egypt after militants exploded the wall between Gaza Strip and Egypt.

The wall had already been sliced through before the explosions brought it down

Oh, you NEVER heard anyone complaining about this fence? do you wonder why not?

And an Egyptian personnel carrier, armed and ready to KEEP Palestinians OUT of Egypt!

The Arabs don't want their own Muslim brothers in any of their nations. Proof? Sixty years over which they had ample time to make peace and resettle them. And the world is asking Israel to resettle these people in the only TINY non-Muslim nation in that vast land that cannot possibly absorb them. Makes sense.

Egyptian lookout post over Gaza fence...that has kept Palestinian Arabs OUT OF Egypt for decades.

Egyptian soldiers training on the Egyptian side o f the Egypt-Gaza fence.
NOTE: Before 1967 Egypt "occupied" Gaza. There were no Palestinians then.
Before 1967 Jordan "Occupied" the West Bank. Did you ever hear of the Palestinians then? Hmmmm? I bet not!

Palestinian child dealing with the Egyptian fence that YOU never heard of.

Jews evicted from GAZA -- Not by the Arabs, but by other Jews.

Removed by FORCE!

The peaceful Arab's response below, AFTER their goals have been met, all the Jews were removed from Gaza -- not a single Jew left, and there was no longer a need for hostilities. This, after they promised not to wage war on the theory AND PROMISE of Land for Peace:

The day AFTER the evacuation of ALL Jews from Gaza:

In the first year after the evacuation over 1000 rockets have been fired from Gaza at defenseless Sdorot, an Israeli town with lots of children. Since those days over 2500 rockets have been launched into Israel -- the same Israel that supplies electricity, medical supplies, and water to Gaza.

The Peacemakers in action:

They really want peace, huh?

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