Friday, October 16, 2009

WH Anita Dunn's Love of Mao Exposed by Glenn Beck

In a revolting appearance in front of high school students, White House communications director Anita Dunn championed Chairman Mao. As Glenn Beck reminded us, this brutal Chinese revolutionary is responsible for causing the deaths of approximately 70-million people, during peacetime. This Communist leader is responsible for more deaths than Adolf Hitler was.

Barack Obama's communication director, Anita Dunn, wants to silence FNC and champions the will of Chairman Mao. Interestingly, Dunn's husband is Robert Bauer. Bauer is Barack Obama's personal attorney and pressured DOJ to silence and/or prosecute an individual group for creating a Bill Ayers ad during the presidential campaign.

This is the same Robert Bauer that threatened, on behalf of the president, to go after a military veteran for formally inquiring if Obama is constitutionally sound to serve as commander in chief.

The video featuring Bill Ayers has been scrubbed from You Tube. Michelle Malkin has done a fantastic job in exposing Bauer's involvement in the attempt to silence the producers of the Ayers ad, more on that here. Additionally, you can view the letter sent to the veteran here.

What hasn't been scrubbed (yet) is the video of Anita Dunn in her own words boldly stating that Mao is one of her favorite philosophers. The other one? Mother Teresa.

With out further adieu here it is:

Say what you will about Glenn Beck, but kudos to him and his Patriotism for keeping up the good fight and exposing the radicals. Now, the White House quietly claimed Anita Dunn was joking about her Mao love.

Joking? Folks, the joke is on us. Obama, the radical-in-chief, has deployed his appointees against the American people to silence the opposition, threaten those with questions, and champion murderous communists to our youth.

Sounds like Mao lovers to me.

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Tom Chen said...

I truly fear for our country, Glenn, his family, and all the freedom loving patriots.

My mother's aunt starved to death because of Mao and we have communist loving bastards working in our White House???!!!

What the HELL is wrong with liberals?!?!

Anonymous said...

I am watching Glenn Beck right now and he is discussing Anita Dunn and her husband. It's truely unbelievable what is happening to our country. First it seemed the liberals wanted socialism, but their real agenda is communism!

I'm really glad I found your blog:)