Friday, September 5, 2008

Patriotism -- Loving America

By Andrew G. Benjamin

John McCain's son is in Iraq serving our nation so we can throw diatribes and curses at John McCain and call him an old fool.

Sarah Palin's son is leaving for Iraq next week to serve our nation so that we can throw insults and diatribes at Sarah Pelin and call her daughter a whore.

Baraq O'Bama's son is going to...wait, he has no son. He has no American Flag Lapel Pin either... it's too heavy and spoils the streamlined look of his empty suit.

Baraq O'Bama throws diatribes at McCain and Palin whose sons are in the line of fire and ready to die for you and he. And he speaks to us about patriotism. They tell us that we are "In the Wrong War; at the Wrong Time; in The Wrong Place.

Except that we are not.

The American people have been lied to. Obama and Biden have failed to acknowledge that 550 metric tons of Saddam-era yellowcake (the subject of Bush's Lies) was shipped to Canada in July. Enough to make over 150 nuclear bombs. Both have failed to inform Americans in their stump speeches that we are winning in Iraq; winning a war that they are ready to surrender after having spent over 4000 lives of our youth. In their world full of hate, they call it Patriotism.

Wrong war? I say, wrong O'Bama assumptions taken logically to wrong O'Bama conclusions from which O'Bama would make life and death decisions affecting every American. It is a matter of record.

How about plain unadulterated bull and pathetically poor judgment?

Nothing wrong recognizing that fact if one were just a little bit honest. O'Bama honest? Do YOU know anything about this man?

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AmericanAngle said...

Andrew, this post is a great segue and fitting introduction to more enlghtenment. I hope enough of our fellow Americans wake up before Nov. 4