Monday, September 1, 2008

John McCain and Sarah Palin Make Beautiful History Together

By Tony Vega

Was it a gimmick? Was Obama's selection a gimmick? Can we realistically ascribe sincerity to political wrangling? That last question is easier to answer.

To forgo political speculation, let us analyze Governor Sarah Palin on the merits. She is certainly a righteous choice by Senator John McCain. Admittedly, it was not pleasing to the sensibilities at the sound of the news, but that is more of a testament to John McCain's maverick style than my insight.

Sarah Palin just added another crack to that ceiling and I must admit that on an emotional level it is pleasing to the sensibilities. Senator McCain just guaranteed that history would be made. He ensured another chapter in a textbook for future generations to study. I hope I am around when my grandchildren bring home paper detailing the events of 2008.

Do you remember the smell of the rexo-sheets with the purple ink from middle school? It is in the air now, a wisp of nostalgia.

Now, back on the ground the facts are here to be discerned and disseminated to advance the cause.

Governor Sarah Palin has demonstrated the ability to make tough decisions, to buck the status quo and do what is right for the nation. She fought corruption in her own party and took the reigns as a young Governor in the state of Alaska. Sarah Palin is a maverick in her own right.

Sarah Palin entered public life in 1992 on the platform of cutting wasteful spending and corruption. In office, she put her money where her mouth was by voluntarily cutting her own salary and reducing property taxes by 60%

As governor she acted against big oil, championed the creation of a natural gas line against the interests of big oil. She took bold steps to place money back into the pockets of Alaskan motorists via $1,200 rebates. The cure to the energy crisis? No, but it is relief while we combat years of malfeasance and foreign oil addiction.

Like any successful rehab endeavor, it takes years to kick the old destructive habits. What is your respective governor doing in the mean time, are they looking out for you? I know what my governor is doing. Nothing.

Both Parties failed us miserably regarding energy. Barack Obama calls for a 10-year project for renewable energy in order to give us some relief (I'm all for that.) McCain, recently saw the light that Sarah Palin was calling for all along, the necessity for off shore drilling along with exploring all sources of energy (I'm all for that as well.)

During this 10-year exploration, Obama ridiculed the idea of tax relief at the pump. While his “energy plan” is realized, long after he is out of an office he is not yet in, we continue to be greased at the pump.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, John McCain, and Sarah Palin have all demonstrated the courage and the ability to cut into the profits of big oil in order to provide some relief for motorists. Their ideas protected highway departments and construction projects dependent on gas taxes. That's right no one is losing their jobs because of energy rebates or relief.

Those three politicians, two of them women, demonstrated the leadership skills to force big oil to participate in providing relief for their best customers (you & I) while exploring alternate energy sources. The aforementioned politicians were able to do this with out demonizing an entire industry that provides and manages an energy source Americans heavily rely on. Big oil earned the right to a profit, but must share the responsibility to the environment and the nation it serves.

Who is actually in the pocket of Big Oil? Could it be a politician that is determined not to challenge big oil? Certainly not Hillary or John, or Sarah who actually has a proven track record of handling big oil against her own interests. Did I use the term maverick yet?

Sarah Palin is not without her controversy. She admits having experimented with marijuana when it was legal to possess small amounts of it in Alaska albeit remaining illegal on a federal level. She states she does not support legalizing marijuana, worried about the message it would send to her children.

The governor from Alaska also has her own version of Trooper Gate. A controversial suit leveled against her by a dismissed high-level employee is sure to provide fodder for the other side.

John McCain is receiving criticism over this selection. Many strategists give kudos to the selection and some are saying the transparency of going after the disenfranchised Hillary supporters flies in the face of credibility. I touched on those questions in the introduction.

In response to the McCain-Palin ticket, Bill Burton a spokesperson for Barack Obama released this following statement, "- John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency."

Mr. Burton has a point. One of the first questions that should serve as a litmus test for a person to qualify as VP is if that person can take the reigns of the presidency.

I'll answer that by offering this: Sarah Palin, by virtue of showing up and getting things done since 1992, as a member of the council, mayor of a small town, and currently as a rookie governor and commander-in-chief of the National Guard has more executive, legislative, and military experience (by virtue of commanding the National Guard) than the TOP of the Democratic ticket.

Barack Obama followed up his gracious commentary regarding Palin's selection by saying "it is more of the same." How so Mr. Obama?

When is the American voter going to challenge the rhetoric and catch phrases emanating from the Democratic nominee? Do we realize that the McCain ticket by record and deed, not by rhetoric or hyperbole, has a proven record of accomplishment to further Hope & Change?

American voters, I implore you to challenge the machine. History is not always good history.

We do not have to accept marginality or empty rhetoric for the sake of change. Let us embrace real (positive) change for the sake of our nation not our own individual desires to promote history for the sake of promoting history.

"My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you-ask what you can do for your country." - John F. Kennedy, 1961

Source; Wikipedia


Babs said...

This has been an incredible election and at the end comes Sarah Palin out of nowhere, one speech and we fell in love.Funny,the exact same thing happened to the left when they heard Obama speak for the very first time. This election I feel will have nothing to do with the economy and everything about likability and character.What a great service John McCain did for the Republican party.

AmericanAngle said...

Yep, a big difference however is that Palin actually had something of substance to say and a record of accomplishments to back it up;-)

Babs said...

You got that right,with Obama and his radical left wing agenda,No,we do not need that. Do you know something? How we fear Obama,the left fear Sarah. They are losing it just like we were over the thought of Obama.We can understand but I still have no sympathy for them. It is OUR way or NO WAY.This ticket McCain/Palin is very exciting and promising.

Anonymous said...

You go Babs!

AmericanAngle said...

You're enthusiasm is inspiring.

You are right of course about the left's fear, the egregious attacks including sexist comments regarding the Palin selection indicates that fear.

Keep up the good fight!

Babs said...

It is getting vicious,what worked for Obama in Chicago will not work with true American's,it's like two different worlds,the better Sarah Palin rises,the more vicious the MSM and Obama will be,he is not going to down like a gentleman.