Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fiscal Cliff

Is throwing wealthy Americans over the fiscal cliff really going to save us? It may cushion our fall once the rest of us go over...I'll give you that.

If Bush's policies and tax cuts were so bad and only benefited the wealthy...why are we scampering to extend those very same policies?

The questions & answers are simple..if not rhetorical. It's ideology, selfishness & fear that drives us into the weeds.

It doesn't take an economic genius to realize..the more money one makes and keeps while pursuing the American dream...the more revenue is pumped into the economy.

Why? Because YOU buy more stuff & small business hires more people!

Fiscal year 2007, under President George W. Bush, retains the record for highest-ever annual federal revenues even when the totals are adjusted for inflation. read more on that here.

AND, Bush spent too much!

In 2008, enter an Obamanation..and the economy went speeding toward that fiscal cliff.

Now the 2012 Obama admin tells us the GOP is holding us hostage because they don't want to tax the wealthy. Really, Mr. Obama, really? Here's a simple solution: keep the tax cuts in place and stop the divide & conquer tactics by demonizing the rich.

Stop spending like a 1980's NYC crack whore and allow the American worker & small business operator to retain their hard earned revenue...the federal coffers will be fattened.

Throwing the top 1% under the simply turning our backs on America one-percent at a time.

Ah...but no worries..our 26-year old kids can still enjoy the ride on our insurance plans and the prescriptions for our Oxys, Roxies, Blues, or whatever else we desire, will continue to  flow as we collect disability for a bum shoulder at 35-years of age. Work? Who has time for that? Link arms with OWS dregs and sing kumbaya straight over the proverbial cliff.

Fiscal Cliff. No crap Sherlock!

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