Friday, September 24, 2010

Carl Paladino remains strong candidate against Cuomo in NY governor’s race - New York Political Buzz |

Carl Paladino remains strong candidate against Cuomo in NY governor’s race - New York Political Buzz |

In a recent Quinnipiac poll conducted September 16 – 20, GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, aided by a 4 -1 margin among Tea Partiers, trails New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic candidate for Governor, 49 - 43 percent among likely voters.

Seven percent of those polled were undecided. Cuomo’s six-point lead is certainly not a comfortable one and Carl Paladino remains a formidable candidate.

Note: Only 18 percent of New York State likely voters consider themselves part of the Tea Party movement, but they back Paladino 77 - 18 percent. Additionally, Paladino is favored 49 – 43 percent among independent voters.

Days after the Quinnipiac poll, Marist and Siena College polls show Andrew Cuomo with a significant lead when Rick Lazio, who remains on the Conservative line, is factored in.

Is the Ground Zero Mosque Debate a Factor?

In an earlier Quinnipiac poll it was revealed that most NY voters are opposed to the Ground zero mosque. In an updated poll by Quinnipiac, conducted during the same time period of the Paladino/Cuomo poll, it was revealed that the New York opposition to the mosque near Ground Zero has grown.

Before the primaries, candidate Rick Lazio challenged Andrew Cuomo to investigate the Cordoba Initiative’s dubious connections and shady financing regarding the purchase of the site to house Imam Rauf’s mega mosque and Islamic center.

It is in Cuomo’s purview as attorney general to have registered charities open their books, especially when the charity shows less than 22 thousand-dollars in those books and gets involved with purchasing a building for 4.85 million-dollars in cash.

Andrew Cuomo not only refused to acknowledge a reason to investigate, but embarrassingly hid behind the first amendment perverting the Constitution by suggesting it somehow protects the shenanigans of Imam Rauf and his Initiative.

The Constitution protects freedom of religion not financial impropriety.

As Rick Lazio was calling for an investigation, Paladino took it a step further and stated as governor he will use the “power of eminent domain to stop the mosque and use the site as a war memorial instead of as a monument to those that attacked our country.”

Rick Lazio subsequently lost to Paladino in the Republican primary, but remains in the race on the Conservative line.

The Quinnipiac poll doesn’t address the Lazio factor. Lazio remaining in the race will split the vote, pulling votes away from Paladino as the Marist and Siena polls indicate. Republican leaders are in talks with Lazio to see if he will quit the race and in a show of support and unity endorse Carl Paladino, the Republican primary winner.

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