Monday, June 7, 2010

Staten Island priest quits parish after selling empty convent to radical Muslim group

St. Margaret Mary RC Church, Staten Island, NY
St. Margaret Mary RC Church, Staten Island, NY
St. Margaret Mary RC Church

Keith Fennessy, pastor of St. Margaret Mary R.C. Church in Midland Beach, Staten Island, sold the empty former convent to the Muslim American Society (MAS) under controversial circumstances and recently quit his post as parish priest.

In last week’s church bulletin the pastor wrote, “For the good of the parish, I have asked that a new pastor be appointed as of July 1st.” Keith Fennessy also mentioned that his 98-year-old mother’s health has been declining and he wants to spend more time with her.

The Staten Island Advance and the Archdiocese refuse to report about the information linking MAS and its executive director Mahdi Bray to radical and nefarious associations. The Archdiocese of New York is on record defending the sale of the property to MAS.

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Wiki photo: Mahdi Bray executive director of MAS at anti-war protest


Anonymous said...

let's not let the facts stand in the way of a good story....I am a member of SMM and I know Fr Fennessy. He is a kind man who supports many and does no harm. He did not sell the convent that came for the Arch of NY. He is fair and open minded. Where is Jesus in the death threats that were made on his life? How many of the people screaming over this attend MASS? You know that thing we do as Catholics on Sundays? How many of these people are currecnt in tuition at the school...the funny thing is Muslum children attend the school I guess it is OK to take the money in small payments just not allow the rights of Americans be enforced. If this is allowed to be stopped what will be stopped next? This is America and if they can afford it then who is anyone to say stay out? This is so gross I am ashamed and I fear these animal's who actually think they are more important then the next person. Fr Fennseey did not "Quit " the parish the parish failed him, abused him and threatened to kill him. I am sickened over this action and all in the name of being Catholic..what are the children learning watching this? If the people don't like who is moving into the area why dont they move out? Maybe because they are uneducated and can't afford to live any where else. Shame on you midland beach shame on you! I stand behind Fr Fennessy 100% as he has stood behind many others. One more point if the convent does not sell who will pay the debt of the school? The people screaming? Doubt that very much!!!

American said...

Pointing to bad behavior to justify fr. Fennesy's bad behavior is immature.

And you are correct, this is America and those screaming "over this" are more in tune w/exercising their first amendment right..than a radical Muslim group that is in support of usurping our constitution via sharia law & embracing terrorism that desires to kill Christians, Jews, & other infidels (non-believers of Allah)

What greater sin is there than to allow ones ideology to trump their Christianity...

I'm sure Fr. Fennesy is..or was a good man..I cannot judge his heart condition & I pray for him and all of us.

It is very disappointing that he cut & ran in the middle of the controversy he is also despicable how the NY Archdiocese is handling the issue.

MAS executive director Mahdi Bray is very vocal about this issue and demonizes those that report the truth, he is also vocal about his support of terrorism...until those "people screaming over this" (which, btw many do attend mass AND have their tuition AND weekly envelopes in on time)exposed the leadership of MAS and their nefarious designs.

Every Catholic should be up in arms over this deal!

The school closing would be a terrible thing..but selling the convent to MAS is a terrible sin...

just as the immediate gratification must have been wonderful for Eve..she soon learned how dangerous it is when you make deals with the devil