Thursday, March 18, 2010

Obama Orders US Military to Stop Flying the Flag in Haiti

The President of the United States ordered the military stationed in Haiti, for a large humanitarian effort, to stop flying the American flag at the bases of operation.

The U.S. responded, as per her norm, in a manner that is unrivaled in the world. Washington flew 10,000 troops to the country and repaired Haiti’s main airport to facilitate additional and sustained relief efforts. Millions of US dollars immediately poured into the region.

Click here to read about the Navy’s Mercy class hospital ship, USNS Comfort, and her response to Haiti.

The president, as per his norm, back pocketed national pride. There was plenty of room in that pocket as the American checkbook remained out and open.

From the PM of Haiti, France and the leaders of Latin America, the US received high criticism for the Haiti response. Learn how Barack Obama appeased them and furthered his anti-American sentiment. Read More>>>

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