Monday, February 1, 2010

Bloomberg Prompts Obama to Consider Moving KSM Terror Trial

NY Political Buzz Examiner. Check out his debut
article..submitted on Friday...and went live on Monday.

Makes it a bit old news in the world of political buzz..but check out it out.
NY Political Buzz Examiner, Tony Vega

Bloomberg Prompts Obama to Consider Moving KSM Terror Trial

Changing the location of the terror trial is welcomed news to residents and business merchants of Manhattan's Chinatown, NYC's area to be most affected by the trial.

Last month, Chinatown activists were not optimistic about Holder reversing his decision. Area residents even lamented that local officials, including the mayor, do not seem interested in trying to reverse Holder’s decision.

Chinatown residents joined approximately 1,000 demonstrators in front of the federal courthouse at 500 Pearl St. The demonstration was organized by the Staten Island Tea Party.

In November, the White House, without consulting NY officials or anyone in the NYPD, announced the decision to prosecute KSM in a civilian trial at the federal courthouse near Ground Zero. The decision was met with controversy and outrage by many residents and family members of 9/11 victims.

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