Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Real March Madness 2009

By Tony Vega

March madness is a term commonly used to describe the NCAA basketball championship tournament. Welcome to 2009, folks, where the real March madness can be found in Washington D.C; no, not as a result of the American Eagles basketball team, but as a result of Barack Obama's inept DC political team.

As your neighbors are losing their homes and jobs, not necessarily in that order, Barack Obama is putting on performances on late night TV inappropriately giggling about bowling scores. We should not begrudge our leaders their outlets, world leaders should be able to step back in order to re-energize and focus on pressing world issues.

Is the American president able to focus on the one issue that catapulted him into office, the economy? It doesn't appear Barack Obama is able to do that particularly with appointments such as Timothy Geithner and other irresponsible decisions.

As our economy is going the way of the Titanic, our president is making on air predictions for the NCAA basketball bracket; talk about March Madness. During sound times, NCAA predictions may be a light moment. However, when Barack Obama miscalculates the national deficit by 2.3 trillion dollars in the middle of a crisis, he cannot afford such leisure as college basketball predictions.

Barack Obama underestimated, in honor of presidential goofs perhaps that should be misunderestimated, his deficit increasing tactics by 2.3 trillion dollars. According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Barack Obama's policies will create a 9.27 trillion dollar hole, $2.3 trillion more than Obama indicated.

Folks, the little Obamanomic miscalculation translates to more that a trillion-dollars a year, every year for nearly a decade. Who is doing the math in his team? Perhaps, it is the person hired to do so; our favorite tax cheat and self-proclaimed incompetent accountant Timothy F. Geithner. Hey mister can you spare a dime? This is the change you were promised, spare change.

Keeping with the spirit of madness are the misguided antics of many of our fellow citizens by aiming their outrage at the families including children of the AIG executives. Rich welfare recipients should indeed spur outrage, but folks, the target of that outrage should be the clowns that allowed it.

Those clowns can be found in the DC team that is tanking our economy, AIG is merely a straw among many that will break our backs. The top politicians that are complicit are prominently displayed. Namely, Senators Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, Treasury Secretary Geithner, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and many more.

Some of those named started long before Barack Obama benefited from the side effects of Bush Derangement Syndrome, but all are emboldened and empowered since Obama took office. We can only hope that their bright spark will soon burn out.

President Obama’s on the job training has brought us back to pre-9/11 safety standards and promised our children a future devoid of national prosperity. In addition to creating OJ like trials for enemy combatants, oh I forgot the Obama team doesn’t want to offend our enemies and the term “enemy combatant” is not allowed.

More March madness is Barack Obama’s home video of him utilizing his Farsi and genuflecting to the Mullahs of Iran wishing them a Happy Nowruz. Can it get any worse than this? Yes it can! Does anyone remember the Great Depression, the Day of Infamy, the tragic events of 9/11/01?

Are we a nation of cowards? Screaming at the kids of welfare recipients created by our government is not the answer to such egregious flaws and corruption by government officials. Teflon Obama is enjoying his popularity at the expense of your grandkids' future. March Madness will continue far into the November years.


Fed Up said...

Great picture! Obama is sinking our economy just like the picture depicts. The U.S. economy is or was considered an indestructable way of life...and will go the way of the once percieved great ship.

F. said...

Is misunderestimated even a word?

Seriously, nice piece.