Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nancy Pelosi: 500 MILLION Americans Will Lose Jobs

Wonder why we are in the state we're in? THEY can't count!

Nancy Pelosi lies..uh..scares..uh.. misspeaks..or rather misunderstimates.

Should that have been misoverestimates....

Roll the tape:


Anonymous said...

She didnt "misspeak" she is using scare tactics via liberal lies!

not you said...

was laughing at what a foolish, smug, stupid, useless, un/selfimportant itch she is.......earlier today

Anonymous said...

After Einstein, Nancy Pelosi is the most brilliant human being to have ever lived.

The first illustrated the height of morality...and science...

The second elucidated the depth of morality...and myth.

Anonymous said...

PJ O'Rourke:

We've been nice to the liberals for too long. They're thugs. The liberal dream is to control people, to oppress and exploit them for some 'higher' goal. ... [L]iberals are always championing laws and social programs which are theoretically good for a class of people while being provably disastrous for people themselves: racial quotas, busing, welfare, my goddamned taxes. ... The core of the liberal belief is that the mass is more important than the man.

If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it's free.

Liberalism ... is ultimately about the primitive, ignorant, tribal idea of collective life. And about human sacrifice - liberals like that even better. The will, the conscience, the very existence of the person must be destroyed for the benefit of the mob. Liberals have the same morals as Fascists, Communists, Crips, and Bloods.

The principle feature of American liberalism is sanctimoniousness. By loudly denouncing all bad things - war and hunger and date rape - liberals testify to their own terrific goodness. More important, they promote themselves to membership in a self-selecting elite of those who care deeply about such things... It's a kind of natural aristocracy, and the wonderful thing about this aristocracy is that you don't have to be brave, smart, strong or even lucky to join it, you just have to be liberal.

digger said...

Like the president said he won & you guys lost..get over it. It is his vision that counts. All of the liberal bashing you neocons want to do isn't going to change the outcome. Neocons are afraid of a man from Kenya, afraid of someone with a Muslim background. why? Afraid that Israel will no longer get the same support?

agbenjamin who cares about Pj Orourke? Please! Next thing you'll be quoting is O'reilly. Give us a break.