Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hamas Friendly Ingrid Mattson to Join Obama's Inauguration Prayer Service

Ingrid Mattson, president of ISNA

By Tony Vega

Ingrid Mattson, president of Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) is scheduled to deliver a prayer for the Obamas in conjunction with the inaugural prayer service. ISNA is listed as a co-conspirator with the convicted Holy Land Foundation (HLF) for sending over 12-million dollars to Hamas.

As Israel defends herself against the terror regime that is Hamas, the newly elected 44th president of the U.S. invites the president of ISNA to pray over his family. Barack Obama has a penchant of aligning himself with radical religious operatives. I'm sure we all recall Obama's 20-year close relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Ingrid Mattson was not charged with the complicity of sending money to the terror groups and is actively trying to get her organization removed from the list of co-conspirators. Prosecutors have responded in court briefs; "They [ISNA] were intimately connected with HLF and its assigned task of providing financial support to Hamas"-federal prosecutor, James Jacks

Ingrid Mattson as president of ISNA certainly utters general denouncements of terror, but her more detailed rhetoric reveals an apologist for Islamic jihadists, Osama, the Taliban, and other radicals.

Her softball approach for terrorists are notable within her writings as found on her website, http://macdonald.hartsem.edu/mattson.htm

"Bin Laden is thus an important phenomenon in contemporary Muslim societies; he exemplifies a charismatic generation that is the product of a tense encounter between tradition and modernity."

Mattson never denounces him; rather she serves as an apologist. She writes about the Taliban in a continued romantic manner; note she never describes Osama Bin Laden or the Taliban as terrorists. Mattson attempts to introduce this evil simply as misunderstood Muslims.

"The Taliban is a post-colonial movement as well."

"The Taliban is the only group in modern Afghanistan that has become successful in mobilizing violence to control violence in society and create a new social and political order that is based both on fear of God and the possibility of a fresh of outbreak of violence in Afghani society. They have been able to create ‘a primitive egalitarian society’ that is suspicious not just of communism, capitalism and the West, but of the city and the urban Afghani intelligentsia that was, in their views, responsible for the borrowing of foreign ideas with which it destroyed the traditional bases of Afghani society..."

Let me repeat her phrase for you my fellow Americans; "The Taliban is the only group in modern Afghanistan that has become successful in mobilizing violence to control violence."

[Emphasis my own]

Successful? I guess when you consider the terror acts of 9/11 as well as other acts of evil perpetrated by Osama and his poor misunderstood jihadists and count up the dead, success is an apt term by a terror friendly Ingrid Mattson.

Mattson utilizes more concrete terms when describing the West and Israel.

"The Crusaders used Christianity to justify their invasion and brutal massacre of thousands of Muslims, Jews and even Orthodox Christians throughout Palestine and Syria."

The president of ISNA never cites any culpability regarding Muslim involvement during the Crusades or never gives any historically accurate causes for the initiation of the Crusades. Mattson reserves her harshest criticism for the West and Israel.

She continues:

"The fact that the British used their colonial powers to take land from the Palestinians and give it to European Jews to establish a Jewish state made it seem to many Muslims that now Jews were collaborating with Christian Europe to oppress them. Unfortunately, the inability of Israel to grant equal rights to non-Jewish citizens has not alleviated the situation.
"But in Israel, both Christian and Muslim Palestinians do not have rights given to the Jewish citizens. For many of the Palestinians, therefore, the goal is to secure the rights of Palestinians, Christians and Jewish. Besides, Christian Arabs and Muslim Arabs have, for the most part throughout history, gotten along well. Most Muslims recognize a difference between the European Christians who came to their lands as Crusaders and Imperialist, and their Christian neighbors with whom they have lived for centuries in peace."

She fails to tell you that her described peaceful goal of the Palestinians is in direct contrast with their leaders' rhetoric. Have you listened to a Palestinian chant lately? I guess "Death to America" is the precursor to achieving the goal of securing the rights of Palestinians and others.

What Mattson also fails to tell you, is that Israel provides more freedom and humanitarian aid to the Muslims than ANY Muslim state in that region. The most oppression, subjugation, human rights violations, and abject poverty is suffered by the Muslim people and perpetrated by Muslim leaders NOT by Israel or the West.

Where then is the justified jihad against their own?

Barack Obama continues to embrace terror friendly individuals and organizations. In that vein why wouldn’t he have someone of Ingrid Mattson’s ilk be apart of his inauguration prayer service.


Ingrid Mattson,


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