Thursday, October 30, 2008

Barack Obama's Security Clearance

By Tony Vega

I've spent twenty years in the NYPD and during that time I've also been involved in the private security field. Currently, I am the chief instructor of a security institute. Required training and certifications by Homeland Security in terror awareness and disaster response was completed in two states for my public and private service ventures.

On October 27, I had to be recertified in order to maintain my private license. Before I entered the Homeland Security and State Police shared facility for the process, I had to reaffirm that my background and affiliations did not contain any subversive, illegal, or terrorist associations. I was able to honestly and successfully meet the requirements.

During the process, I reflected on my family and friends that have enlisted in the military and the thousands of men and women in uniform that reenlisted while still on the battlefield of Iraq. Our defenders of freedom were required to swear to an oath. Part of this oath was the pledge to protect you & me from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

I am not bragging or complaining just talking to ya.

Folks, millions of Americans are lining up to vote for Barack Obama; a man that on his own merits would not pass a background check for most law enforcement jobs; a man that would not be able to honestly swear to protect us from his friends both foreign and domestic.

How can you hire a candidate for the commander in chief position, when the candidate can’t take the same oath as the men & women he is endeavoring to lead? How can you hire a candidate to be in charge of our defense and security when he can’t successfully obtain the security clearance to become a beat cop?

Some reading and videos for you here and here.

The choice is clear.

John McCain was a favorite of both major Parties and the media. What happened? Partisan politics happened. In 2004, John Kerry wanted McCain to be his running mate. Joe Biden pushed the Kerry-McCain ticket so adamantly he refused to consider another VP choice during an interview with Tim Russert.

"I'm sticking with McCain"-Joe Biden 2004

Prior to bowing down to Pelosi, Reid, and Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton as late as March 2008 endorsed John McCain over Barack Obama. In 2007, Prior to Joe Biden going against his own desires to run as Obama's VP, Joe Biden endorsed John McCain over the top of his own ticket; a second endorsement for John McCain by Biden.

Check out some videos here, particularly the third one from the top prefaced with "fellow Democrats agree."

I ask you this O supporter, If John McCain was a Democrat and Barack Obama a Republican how would you vote? Now, ask yourself the same question while looking in the mirror.

Many of you have said,"I wish John McCain was a Democrat and not in the Party of Bush." As my Grandmother would say (no, not the typical white one): "If wishes were horses beggars would ride."

Folks, be advised that in a general election you may vote for anyone you want regardless of Party. Getting back to my last question, it is posed to the Republican audience as well.

The fate of this great nation is of paramount concern to me. Personally, I will not allow ideology or partisan politics to trump my Patriotism or good sense. How about you?

By the way, those questions I asked of you were private questions. Perhaps you should ponder them with the conscience of your soul.

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