Monday, December 10, 2007

Shock and Awe: We Are Winning!

BY Andrew G. Benjamin

Note the date, March 2007. Note the publication. NY Post (a Murdoch/FOX publication.) Note what Murtha, Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy and the others of their opportunistic and disingenuous ilk have said since. Note what ideas and info The New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, TIME, Newsweek, CBS, NBC, ABC have pounded into the minds, nay, "pushed" (that is the correct word) on its American voters, readers and listeners. Note the author, a combatant in Iraq.

Note the next author, a recognized award-winning military historian.

And the next, Ralph Peters, former intel officer interviewed on FOX (no, not on CBS 60 Minutes -- which is, of course, far more "Fair and Balanced", sort of like Dan Rather. They, CBS that is, forgot to mention that Rather is unbalanced in the head.)

And now, John Murtha, that phony fat slob. Remember his condemnation and indictment of our troops, some of whom got killed -- and subsequently cleared of ALL charges? And when confronted by the evidence that he was bloviating as usual, shall we say prematurely, he told the reporter to get lost?

MURTHA: "The Surge is Working."
For the Democrats, the bad news never stops. They hoodwinked the voters and the world. Their comeuppance is just around the corner. And if not soone enough...eventually.

I remind them of Ronald Reagan's reply before he ran for president when asked about how he'll handle the issues of the Cold War:

"We win; They lose."

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